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Teaching Perl with Comedy

While testing some code for an forum answer i made a stupid mistake. It was late, I didn't thought of it, why in the world should I name the Module "Test" and wonder then why it behaves unexpected (I do know why! - some newb might not). But the more glorious idea is that we all have such moments and hide them carefully. Why not pile the xp up and make a Perl course out of it by showing what can go wrong and maybe even write it like a comedy? I saw even a motion picture in my mind about someone ranting how bad Perl is while making such moves.

Tuts are hard work, I know because i wrote …

catchable by gimmicks

The Kephra rewrite is doing very well, expect some great revelations even for Wx programming in genereal. But today i just want to rant about bibucket, which hosts my hg repo for most of my projects. I mean i like mercurial better then git, or should I say liked. the more I learn about the raw awesome power of git the more I find it perlish. But surprisingly what bit me just today is that bitbucket doesn't have this nice graphs. I just underestimated how motivating…

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