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Climbing the Charts (request for feature requests)

Hurray, released another version of Chart without new features. Actually rewrote the complete documentation and I guess especially this page (with a little help of this list) is all what most people need. That also allowed us to drop…

WxTut is complete, whats next from you?

In the next Perl Magazine will come the 12th and last part of my big WxPerl tutorial. To me its almost like my teenage child is now out of the house (brain). You might complain: "but its German, I can't read that". Don't worry the resulting book will be in English. But this post is really about something different, but related, in fact about coming English articles: written by You.

Teaching Perl with Comedy

While testing some code for an forum answer i made a stupid mistake. It was late, I didn't thought of it, why in the world should I name the Module "Test" and wonder then why it behaves unexpected (I do know why! - some newb might not). But the more glorious idea is that we all have such moments and hide them carefully. Why not pile the xp up and make a Perl course out of it by showing what can go wrong and maybe even write it like a comedy? I saw even a motion picture in my mind about someone ranting how bad Perl is while making such moves.

Tuts are hard work, I know because i wrote …

8th Week of Perl 6 Tablets

This might be the last entry about the perl 6 tablets for a longer time. (lot of projects and articles have to be written soon and the moose article for heise sits on the brink and no article from me in this issue of perlzeitung). The work is now gradual and you surely don't want to hear same stuff every week. Just one thought on strategy.

I still work on the appendix (F and G now) rather on the actual tablets for several reasons:

A) work for the beginner

The appedices are more structured toward questions …

7th Week of Perl 6 Tablets

... and what happened?

I added a FAQ (Appendix F) page (and moved links to appendix H aka href appendix), but its just questions so far. You migth ask, but there is already a semiofficial FAQ. True. But would you not prefer better sorted anwers with links where all the parts of the answer are even better explained in more detail?

I added also a which gives you output like:

page title item anchor links lines bytes

Help to write Perl 6 Documentation

You have no clue about Perl 6 but still want to help? Here is your chance. After Appendix A now stabilizes and most of the 750 entries are well formated (signatures still catching on) and in Appendix B also over 600 items link back to Appendix A so you can click back and forth to get a minimal wikipedia effect (What I was looking for in the first place?), now my primary focus is on Appendix G.

This p…

How Perl Documentation Could Look Like

Yes this is in a way my 5th grant report in a row, but even for Perl 5 people that might get insightful and even useful.

As I prepared a piece for the Perlzeitung which will not happen, i interviewed several people - some names you know for sure - about the current state of the core documents. Yes there slowly improving, the d did IMO good stuff, the new ooptut is good but there needs to be much more done. And instead of dropping here a blob of text, just …

Perl 6 Tablets: what happened this week

We're consolidating. Quality of about 50 entries was raised, escape chars for zero width assertions added, precedence table updated, better explanation of this compile time / runtime thing, the flipflops and zip operator.

And hurray i got help from raiph mellor, who has ambition to stay and constantly raise the quality.

But main news is something else. Im done with socialtext. Really. I had to dance around the syntax all the time, never knowing how this character would be displayed or if I had to put {{ }} around it. But even that doesn't helped --> which is used in Perl 6 …

A real Grant Report for the Perl 6 Tablets

Allright, long long time ago i got this TPF grant. You were all a generous boss to not tackle me because i had other important stuff to do for Perl community (including Perl 6 articles for $foo perl magazine, perlzeitung and heise online - the leading German IT news portal and a modern perl 5 tut to spread the praise of Perl into the free software world). But because slowly are coming in real results, I write now a real grant report the TPF can publish.

First I lied with the submission. Perl 6 so…

YACGR (yet another creepy grant report)

I mean creepy in the sense that results slowly creeping in. People who follow my tweets know that 2 smaller milestones are achieved: predefined subrules and regex quantifier are now all in place (in Index A and B). This was of course a byproduct of my upcoming Perl 6 Regex and Grammar talk.


sorta Perl 6 grant report

uh yes I have a running grant and want to close it in 2012 even it will take much more effort than just written down in the proposal. I was a bit shy with that to don't get rejected. I don't want to open any new projects til I get this done.

Recently I updated Index A, which is still the most usable part, because its a quick overview of all builtins and operators. There were tons of details I did: setting new links, cleaning up things I didn't understood myself exactly, making better examples, more "see …

the mental monitor box and the guys in the last row

On my "how much you can handle"-tour I gave my talk about Perl 6 array and hashes thrice. Third time masak and jnthn were in (the last row as any troublemaker in school) the audience and spottet some serious errors (I think it was an former rakudo bug). but its fixed and uploaded now. ( Arrays as in [] will not flattened inside a signature and so the number of elements in @_ on the last question in round 1 is…

A New Perl Tut Is Already Growing

Allright so there is a discussion in the community about the bitrot in Perl tutorials.

It will be (later version) named "learning programming with Perl". Its a bit of learning the basics but also learning good style (DRY, good variable names, strict, testing all the shebang but little by little and not all from the start). It also covers more tha…

Document Driven Development

Maybe the most ibnteresting talk I held this season was about this DDD. This is just a sneak preview since I give it once more in Vienna and my concept will be much better after it. Then i will publish here entirely.

I borrowed the term a bit from the django-guys, even Al Iho (the a in awk) tought 20 years ago this way. (thanks cromatic to bring this to my attention). it solves several issues documentation and test driven development face (if your honest). And I don't think it eats up any exra …

the "how much you can handle?"-tour 2011

Yes lichtkind moves around the continent. Dates are 16-18 Aug in Riga, 8-9 Okt Turin, 19-21 Okt Frankfurt and 4-5 Nov in Vienna and Bratislava. Which stands out for me is that I will have given then at least 11 talks (4 different) + 3 lighting (always the same) spanning 5 1/4 hours. I really wanted know where are my limits and how far my skills in talk preparation go.

And as a surprise I found, start very early with you preparation. I mean by that that you can still hack together your slides or storyline quickly together. that is fine. But start you research, your search for sources, …

my YAPC::EU summary

first some ad for Gabor, you might want to skip that *g*. I read "perl testing" and listened to some talks on that topic, even gave one, but until 2 days ago i actually hat had some misunderstanding about Devel::Cover and that it actually marks code pieces "already executed" when tests just call subs with different options and not by calling the pieces directly. Just a short comment by Gabor has lightend that up. thank you.

What i like most about yapc even more than about perl workshops: you get more high profile people. just grab them and discuss things that needs to get done. I met …

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