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perl distributive "early" testing with jenkins

Even though you have a stage servers `like production one', it'd be reasonable to check distributive in production environment before release is happened. I would call it `early` testing. Yes, of course, some subtle bugs will arise only in runtime phase, and unit test cannot cover it all, I say here about prerequisite unmet issues. In perl world unit tests and prerequisites checks are executed in standart way. One follows standard procedure, when installing things.

I put…

jenkins plugin for building perl applications

Jenkins - is well known continues integration server. One of it's great features - one may extend it by writing custom plug-ins.

It implements standard build scheme:
  1. look up source directory
  2. install dependencies into local directory
  3. create distributive

Other features are:
  1. find 'tagged' directory with maximum version number ( implementing install from subversion tags )
  2. applying different patches (…

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