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pjam on rails, part 2 ( pjam projects )

Recently I wrote a post about a pjam - a perl applications build server. Now I continue the topic and try to uncover some pjam vital features.

First of all, central point of pjam is a "project", which is the collection of URLs with a source codes for your application:

Every url therefore holds a part of source code for you application. Modern application…

pjam on rails - build server for perl applications.

Pjam - is the build server for perl applications.

Hi All! It's still in alpha stage, but anybody is welcome to try it out. Pjam provides standard continues integration server api with additional features:

  • checks out source code from subversion VCS

  • creates builds

  • keeps artefacts

  • notifies users on successful / failed builds

  • shows differences between builds

  • shows users activity log - who, what and when changed

  • shows build's detailed logs

Pjam - continues integration for PERL, using pinto.

Pinto is an application for creating and managing a custom CPAN-like repository of Perl modules. Pjam is a tool which enables automatic creation of perl applications distribution archives from source code using pinto. Pjam enables continues integration in PERL. Right now pjam fits only Module:Build based projects ( Build.PL should be provided ) kept under subversion SCM, but I may change this if interest will be shown.

Pjam can be used in two ways - as command line utility and via web a…

jam - glue between pinto and scm

Pinto is great and helps create custom repositories of cpan packages, tune dependencies and get vital information about your distributions. One thing I lack is to propagate changes in source control as new distributions in pinto stacks and also new distributions for production servers. So this why I have created tool named "jam". Now it's in prototype stage, but it give a sense the way of automation.

One have list of code sources with changes get pulled from scm trig…

jenkins plugin for building perl applications

Jenkins - is well known continues integration server. One of it's great features - one may extend it by writing custom plug-ins.

It implements standard build scheme:
  1. look up source directory
  2. install dependencies into local directory
  3. create distributive

Other features are:
  1. find 'tagged' directory with maximum version number ( implementing install from subversion tags )
  2. applying different patches (…

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