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pjam on rails, part 2 ( pjam projects )

Recently I wrote a post about a pjam - a perl applications build server. Now I continue the topic and try to uncover some pjam vital features.

First of all, central point of pjam is a "project", which is the collection of URLs with a source codes for your application:

Every url therefore holds a part of source code for you application. Modern application…

pjam on rails - build server for perl applications.

Pjam - is the build server for perl applications.

Hi All! It's still in alpha stage, but anybody is welcome to try it out. Pjam provides standard continues integration server api with additional features:

  • checks out source code from subversion VCS

  • creates builds

  • keeps artefacts

  • notifies users on successful / failed builds

  • shows differences between builds

  • shows users activity log - who, what and when changed

  • shows build's detailed logs

  • …

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