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Lets celebrate CPAN day in a special way

Finally the day arrived, I have been waiting for, since the reminder blog by Neil Bowers. It is like double celebration for me, as we celebrated 70th year of independence, yesterday i.e. 15th Aug.

I was working on couple of ideas to make it special CPAN day. One of them was to create map for Kolkatta Metro. Since it is special occasion for all Indians, I thought why not release something related to India. Kolkatta Metro is the first metro ever started in India.

So ="https://metacpan…

Celebration of "Completing 1000th consecutive days releasing to CPAN".

Couple of things I would like to share with fellow Perl Hackers, last month when I posted a blog about completing 1000th consecutive days releasing to CPAN, I talked about releasing new distribution to mark the day. Hence I came up with new distribution Calendar::Hebrew and released on the special day. I was hoping that my new distribution gets the attention of @PerlTricks, monthly series "What's new on CPAN". However as soon as I uploaded the distribution Calendar::Hebrew, I…

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