Lets celebrate CPAN day in a special way

Finally the day arrived, I have been waiting for, since the reminder blog by Neil Bowers. It is like double celebration for me, as we celebrated 70th year of independence, yesterday i.e. 15th Aug.

I was working on couple of ideas to make it special CPAN day. One of them was to create map for Kolkatta Metro. Since it is special occasion for all Indians, I thought why not release something related to India. Kolkatta Metro is the first metro ever started in India.

So Map::Tube::Kolkatta finally made it to CPAN with love. This is not the only thing I have planned for today. I am going to submit at least one pull request as well. If it gets merged same day then it is going to be icing on the cake.

What else is keeping me busy these days apart from releasing one change to CPAN every day? Currently I am on a mission to beat my own target of finishing maximum number of months in year with at least one pull request each day. In the year 2015, I could only managed 3 months (Oct:45, Nov:31, Dec:60). So far, I have already completed 3 months in the year 2017 (Jan:63, Jul:32, Aug:42). My target is to add one more month to the list. It would be a treat if I could get at least 6 months by end of year. It is achievable as I still have 4 months. Fingers crossed.

Last but not the least, I have submitted a talk proposal to this year London Perl Workshop. If it gets approved then it is going to be my second talk at LPW. I am feeling more confident this time as compared to my last talk. I hope to meet you all there.

Enjoy CPAN day to the fullest and keep contributing.

Update: Submitted PR #2 for MooseX::DIC and already merged by the author.

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