Updates to CPAN module reviews

I've updated all of the CPAN module reviews I've done so far. In all of them the performance and coverages tests have been re-run.

Modules for generating passwords
  • Data::Random has a new maintainer, Buddy Burden, who just released 0.06 (and made his first post here.
  • App::Genpass 2.20 has been released: this adds minlength and maxlength parameters.
Looking up the location of an IP address
  • Added Geo::Coder::HostIP, which I'd missed previously. I've put a bug-fixed version on github, and have started the process to get co-maint, so I can release an update to CPAN.
  • A new version of IP::QQwry has been released.
Spelling out numbers in English
  • I've taken over maintenance of Lingua::EN::Numbers, and resolved all outstanding issues.
Parsing User-Agent strings
  • I've taken over maintenance of HTTP::Headers::UserAgent and released a new version which is more clearly marked as deprecated (and also fixed some bugs and improved test-suite coverage.
  • New versions of HTTP::BrowserDetect and Parse::HTTP::UserAgent.

I gave a talk about my experiences so far at LPW, titled CPAN Curation.

My next review will be on modules for making HTTP requests, and I've several other topics in the backlog. At some point soon the reviews will appear somewhere else, as working within the confines of a blog engine is too restrictive. If anyone fancies helping out, I'd be happy to have some help.


These are really great. Thanks for your hard work on them.

Seconded, thanks so much for spending your time on this and then sharing your results with us all, it's very useful! Always looking forward to the next one :-)

Thirded, although we could never have enough CPAN module authors, we certainly need more CPAN module reviewers like yourself :)

Suggestion- make a cpan-curation project on github to encourage others to contribute. That would be a great place to put your queue, as well as collect ideas for adding to the queue.

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