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CPAN modules for making HTTP requests

I've published a review of CPAN modules for making HTTP requests. This covers 20 different modules from 19 distributions. I focussed on making GET and POST requests, whether the module supports https and redirects, and some other features.

As ever, I've no doubt missed a couple — let me know if you're aware of one not on the list. Also happy to hear if there are other aspects you think should be included in the comparison.

CPAN modules for getting module dependency information

I've written a review of CPAN modules for getting module dependency information. There are 8 modules on CPAN covered, plus I've included a module I've just written, as none of the ones I reviewed did quite what I wanted.

I've taken a slightly different approach to this review: previously I've spent a lot of time learning about each module, trying to fix any bugs I come across etc, so the first version published is fairly polished. As an experiment, this time I've done a much quicker first pass, and essentially published a first …

Module versions in multi-module distributions

If a distribution contains multiple modules, how should VERSION be set in each module?

  • Every module has the same version number, and it's the version number of the dist.
  • Each module has its own version number. The version number of the dist might be different from all of them, or it might be take from the lead module, if there's an obvious one.
  • The lead module has a version number defined, but none of the other modules have a version defined.

The first option makes most sense to me, and until recently I though…

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