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HTML::Scrubber 0.09 release

Following my recent post on HTML::Scrubber, I have been given maintainership rights on the module.

So I have sorted all the urgen stuff, including the 3 separate RT entries for a tmp file vulnerability, and pushed a new version to CPAN.

Coincidently, whilst updating the Changelog, I noticed the last release was exactly 7 years ago. So, umm, happy birthday HTML::Scrubber 0.08, but you have now been superseded!…

HTML::Scrubber maintainership

HTML::Scrubber appears unmaintained at present, and I cannot find a way to contact the author (podmaster) - email bounces and I cannot see any activity later than 2006.

If you know a means to contact podmaster aka D. H. then I'd appreciate it if you could put us in touch so I can see if he would be open to an offer of co-maintainership or handing the module over.

Picking up HTML::Formatter maintenance

I've volunteered to pick up maintenance of the HTML-Format module, which has been lacking love recently (last update 2004).

Initial intention is to do maintenance on it - its currently causing warnings about UNIVERSAL::Can on recent versions of perl and there are a number of RT tickets for it.

I am converting it to use Dist::Zilla for release management (although my CPAN volume does not really justify this, the fact that it manages the bits I would otherwise forget d…

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