I don't post as much as I would like to as all my free time is spent working on Tau Station, so I thought I should remind folks that I'm still alive, still hacking on Perl, and still writing obscure technical humor:

ifeq ($(shell whoami), root)
    MESSAGE = "Okay."
    MESSAGE = "What? Make it yourself."


me ::
    - $(NOECHO) echo $(MESSAGE)

a ::
    - $(NOECHO) echo

sandwich ::
    - $(NOECHO) echo

Easily clean up a team's remote git branches

There's a problem that I've seen on every team I've worked with that uses git. Because at Tau Station we're fairly merciless about technical debt--which makes the code base pretty sweet to work with--we take all technical debt issues seriously on the theory that once we launch, it may be too late to clean up (a silly idea in theory, but a prevalent one in practice).

The following technical debt issue is actually causing us a problem, though it's more of a process problem than a technical one:

05:35:02 (master) ~/veure $ git branch -a | wc -l

Wow! We have 272 branches? Most of those are are long merged or abandoned. We've discovered that there are a couple of them which got overlooked (I'm tempted to blame github's poor PM tooling, but it's a lousy craftsman who blames his tools). We tried asking devs to find all of their remote branches and review them and delete them, but that turned out to be a rather daunting task and they're still missing branches.

Now, with a simple Perl script, we have a solution.

Seeing the SQL in DBIx::Class

There's no question that DBIx::Class is the dominant ORM in Perl. That's because it's fast, it's flexible, and sane. Well, mostly sane, until you need some introspection (if anyone knows a better way to do this, I'm all ears!):

sub _get_json_columns ( $self, $schema_class ) {
    state $json_columns_for = {};
    unless ( exists $json_columns_for->{$schema_class} ) {
        my $columns = $self->schema->resultset($schema_class)
          = [ grep { 'json' eq $columns->{$_}{data_type} } keys %$columns ];
    return $json_columns_for->{$schema_class};

But what's terribly frustrating to many devs is getting DBIx::Class to show the queries it's executing, along with the bind parameters (one without the other is often useless).

Tau Station Updates

I haven't blogged lately because of ridiculous amounts of work on the Tau Station MMORPG (the game formerly known as Veure and written almost entirely in Perl). I had reluctantly stopped my last contract with ZipRecruiter because of surgery (long story, but not life-threatening) and then experiencing the joy of physiotherapy. Near the end of physio, we decided as a company to make a serious push on Tau Station and bring it to alpha. Here's an update.

wallpaper mockup of Tau Station art

Announcing Veure at The Perl Conference

I'm back from Romania and had a lovely time at YAPC::EU, er, The European Perl Conference, er, or this:

I unveiled that suggested logo at my opening keynote only to discover that many Perl devs had no idea what I was talking about. My sense of humor is shouting "get off my lawn."

However, I gave a lightning talk announcing Veure, including the game's name and blog! Veure is officially known as Tau Station and sign up for our newsletter to find out more, including keeping up with the alpha. Or just read our blog to see what's happening with it (but you really want to sign up for that newsletter).

Many thanks to Evozon for hosting a great conference!

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