TPF Devel::Cover grant report May/June 2014

[ I have been sending these grant reports to the perl-qa mailing list, whence they have found their way to It was quite rightly suggested that it was appropriate to post them here too and so, somewhat belatedly, I am doing just that. ]

In accordance with the terms of my grant from TPF this is the monthly
report for my work on improving Devel::Cover covering May and June 2014.

Actually, it's really only for May. I did some work on Devel::Cover in June…

QA Hackathon 2014

This year's QA hackathon was held last weekend in Lyon. 30 of the nicest and cleverest people I know met for four days with the common goal of improving Perl's quality with specific reference to testing and the toolchain. I was there too.

Google Code-In 2012

Could your module or project benefit from having someone

  • fix a specific bug
  • add a test for a specific feature
  • improve test coverage by 5%
  • write a tutorial
  • create a screencast for beginners
  • write an example program
  • create a homepage for the module


If so, you could be in luck. These are all potential tasks for students in this year's Google Code-In.

Following on from our success last year, The Perl Foundation is hoping to take part in the Google Code-In again this year. GCI is a program…


I've started work on my Devel::Cover grant from TPF. If you are interested you can see my report for the first week at

As a part of that work I have updated cpancover and moved it to a new home at

cpancover is my project to provide coverage details for CPAN modules. Whilst useful in its own right, I also tend to use CPAN as my extended test suite for Devel::Cover. I was able to procu…

Vim report for Devel::Cover (Perl QA Hackathon) - part 2

At last week's QA Hackathon in Paris I put together a Vim report for Devel::Cover to show coverage information as Vim signs. See

Whilst nice, and somewhat useful, this was very much a proof of concept. It only worked for statement coverage, it wasn't particularly clever, nor was it particularly pretty.

I've just released Devel::Cover version 0.86 which solves a number of these problems. It shows all types of coverage data (that Devel::Cover knows about), it seems to be pretty u…