Rakudo.js update - it has been merged into master (plus 6pad unveiling)

After a round of code review the js branch has been merged into master.

In other good news 6pad is up (https://perl6.github.io/6pad/).
6pad allows you to compile and run Perl 6 code from the comforts of your own browser.
For now Rakudo.js depends on BigInt support (which mean you should likely use 6pad with Chrome).
BigInt support is being worked on Firefox and all the Chrome derivatives should update their V8s soo…

Rakudo.js update - running Perl 6 in the browser with Parcel

Rakudo.js i n combination with parcel.js now supports running simple stuff in the browser. See https://github.com/perl6/perl6-parcel-example for an example of running a simple test.

It's not super usable and this moment and will likely explode if you try to have too much fun.
Hopefully this example will be replaced by something much more awesome …

GraalVM/Truffle backend update

Recent Perl 6 survey results that the top two most wanted features are better performance and JVM support. Luckily the Truffle backend promises to kill two birds with one stone. ;)
Once proper closure supports lands later this week we can start working on passing more complex ones.
One positive observation is that due to high level Truffle operates (as opposed to say a machine code generating written in C++ V8) other Truffle implementatio…

The start of the GraalVM/Truffle experiment

Recently GraalVM 1.0 been released which can run Ruby, JavaScript and other dynamic and static languages on top at super fast speeds.
If successful that should allow us to run Perl 6 hopefully very fast and use Java, Ruby and JavaScript libraries without paying a interoperability price.

Truffle which is what we are using is a language …

Building Rakudo.js with JavaScript from the near future

Luckily for us the JavaScript language is constantly evolving towards being a better Perl 6 target (this is a general case of the world in general evolving in this direction).
Node.js is expected to upgrade the V8 soon too.
The major browsers are expected to follow suite.
Rakudo.js is already ready to use that new functionality./var/www/users/pawel_murias/index.html