Rakudo.js update - more test fixes and NativeCalls works a little

Rakudo.js now passes 74.91% of roast test (84% of the subset specified in the grant)
Recently I have been mostly fixing bugs and implementing missing bits and pieces.
For example :i and :m modifiers in regexes now work a lot better and I have added dynamic quantifiers in regexes like a /"foo" ** {rand.round}/

I have also played around with implementing stuff that's needed for NativeCall (two of the test for passing simple values back and forth work).

I plan to continue working on fixing up the failing roast tests.

Rakudo.js update - passes 64.65% roast test

Recently I have been working mostly on fixing bugs and making rakudo.js pass more roast tests.
Some of the tests require implementing new features. A lot of them are fairly straightforward (like making a integer division by zero raise an exception).
An interesting/tricky one to implement where the native int8 and int16 types.
We emulate t…

Rakudo.js update - passes 56%+ of roast tests

Rakudo.js now passes roughly of 56%+ roast test files.
Getting some of them to work is requiring fairly deep changes.
For example native values need to be passed specially and maybe boxed in the called sub/method rather than boxed on the side of the callers. As that causes wide spread changes it can cause some rather annoying debugging when something is not exactly right and compiling the setting explodes :)
I had a talk at TPC::EU (link to slides).

Rakudo.js update - builds sanely and passes some spec tests

Rakudo.js now should build in much more sane manner and passes some tests.

In directory containing a checkout of the js branch of rakudo

Once you grab a node.js (tested with 7.10.0)

$ git clone https://github.com/rakudo/rakudo.git rakudo-js-fresh
$ git checkout js
$ cd rakudo-js-fresh
$ perl Configure.pl --backends=moar,js --gen-nqp --gen-moar
$ make js-all
$ ./perl6-js -e 'say(123)'
$ make js-spectest

Rakudo.js now passes some tests ="https://github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/js/t/spectest.j…

Rakudo.js update - we passed a first roast test

After spending a long time chasing a bunch of bugs (a lot of ones that boiled to a few lines of code had really weird consequences that needed to be painstakingly chased down) and implementing some missing parts I finally got Test.pm6 to compile and load.
Currently the coroutine ops needed for Test (for gather/take …