Rakudo.js update - running tests in a real Chrome

What now works

(for testing purposes a Headless Chrome controlled by puppeteer).

Our test runner is in https://github.com/pmurias/perl6-js-roast-test-runner

It runs tests using a precompiled working version of rakudo.js fetch from npm using a roast revision we know passes.

What's missing or fudged?

Tests that are broken under precompilation on all bac…

Rakudo.js update - hunting down failing roast tests

Currently I'm working to getting rakudo.js to pass (our choosen subset of tests) in Chrome rather then on node.js.

The way the process works is that the Perl 6 test files get compiled to JavaScript and bundled by the parcel with everything they needs to run. The bundling includes the setting, runtime and even the whole Rakudo compiler (tests use EVAL a lot).
As as side node it turns out that for debugging purposes node bundled-everything.js emulates running in the brow…

Rakudo.js mini update - Firefox support

One pain point when showing Rakudo.js was that it depends on a new version of Chrome due to using not yet everywhere native JavaScript big integers.
I've transitioned from using the not yet avaliable everywhere native BigInts to using the replacement ="https://github…

Rakudo.js update - running tests in the browser using Karma

After fixing some strangling bugs and implementing some unimportant but fickly to implement
things like basic support storing fetching and ++'ing int64/uint64 variables etc. (rakudo.js is 32bit because that's what fits into basic JavaScript numbers).

Focus has now moved to running the roast tests in the browser itself.
For this I'm first precompiling the test files (which has it's own share of problems that I'm working around as rakudo doesn't yet fully support precomplin…

Rakudo.js update - it has been merged into master (plus 6pad unveiling)

After a round of code review the js branch has been merged into master.

In other good news 6pad is up (https://perl6.github.io/6pad/).
6pad allows you to compile and run Perl 6 code from the comforts of your own browser.
For now Rakudo.js depends on BigInt support (which mean you should likely use 6pad with Chrome).
BigInt support is being worked on Firefox and all the Chrome derivatives should update their V8s soo…