Building Rakudo.js with JavaScript from the near future

Luckily for us the JavaScript language is constantly evolving towards being a better Perl 6 target (this is a general case of the world in general evolving in this direction).
Node.js is expected to upgrade the V8 soon too.
The major browsers are expected to follow suite.
Rakudo.js is already ready to use that new functionality./var/www/users/pawel_murias/index.html

Rakudo.js update - working source maps and adhoc fixes

The biggest recent change is that source maps after many fixes now worked for code loaded of disk and are good enough to compile the setting with them.
Work on rakudo.js has been focused on bugfixing and adding some remaining bits and pieces.
Stuff worked on varies widely. Things worked on range from lowlevel stuff such as and uint16 and uint8 support to more high level things like using last in a NEXT block.
I have implemented bare bones CStruct and CUn…

Rakudo.js update - NFG / unicode collation and role bug fixes

Rakudo.js update - NFG, unicode collation and more bugfixes

Rakudo.js has been in bugfixing mode recently.

Rakudo.js now uses NFG (Normal Grapheme Form) semantics in some places.
This means some string operations treat strings as sequences of graphemes instead of unicode code points. Graphemes are "user-perceived characters" (See This isn't done everywhere yet but it allows us to pass a bunch of roast tests.
Because JavaScript doesn't use graphemes underneath in it's string implementa…

Rakudo.js update - more test fixes and NativeCalls works a little

Rakudo.js now passes 74.91% of roast test (84% of the subset specified in the grant)
Recently I have been mostly fixing bugs and implementing missing bits and pieces.
For example :i and :m modifiers in regexes now work a lot better and I have added dynamic quantifiers in regexes like a /"foo" ** {rand.round}/

I have also played around with implementing stuff that's needed for NativeCall (two of the test for passing simple values back and forth work).

I plan to continue working on fixing up the failing roast tests.

Rakudo.js update - passes 64.65% roast test

Recently I have been working mostly on fixing bugs and making rakudo.js pass more roast tests.
Some of the tests require implementing new features. A lot of them are fairly straightforward (like making a integer division by zero raise an exception).
An interesting/tricky one to implement where the native int8 and int16 types.
We emulate t…