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Padre 0.92, the release!

As previously alluded to, Padre 0.92 was nearing completion for distribution.

Well, this is the announcement to say that Padre, the Perl IDE has finally been cut loose to venture into the wild world.

With the run up to 1.0 the next series of Padre releases will be the end result of a lot of refactoring work, mostly done by the ever industrious Adam Kennedy; and more polish and shine to key areas, such as the amazing work done by Ahmad Zawa…

Padre, the upcoming 0.92 release...

It's been quite a while since Padre 0.90, the current development version 0.91 has been bubbling along quite nicely, with some amazing changes introduced through the hard work and effort of Ahmad Zawawi in porting Wx::Scintilla giving us an shiney Scintilla widget for the Padre text editor.

It wasn't enough to just get the module sorted out, but Ahmad went on to really improve the functionality of the editor itself. Check out just some of the ="…

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