Padre, the upcoming 0.92 release...

It's been quite a while since Padre 0.90, the current development version 0.91 has been bubbling along quite nicely, with some amazing changes introduced through the hard work and effort of Ahmad Zawawi in porting Wx::Scintilla giving us an shiney Scintilla widget for the Padre text editor.

It wasn't enough to just get the module sorted out, but Ahmad went on to really improve the functionality of the editor itself. Check out just some of the goodness to come.

Adam Kennedy has again been deep into the core of Padre and its API's. It takes a lot to commit yourself to knowingly go into a code base break it and then commit to making all things work again.

Kevin Dawson has stuck around and continues to prod and poke at the code base, improving the dialogs using the new FBP process to create better dialogs ( another of Adam Kennedy's major efforts out side of Padre ).

Kevin has also introduced patch editing. In Kevins words:

Patch tries to auto select the correct file in each list where relevant.

the techie one liner Action, Against, Select File-1, Select File-2 if appropriate and then Process.

So this is just a quick update of where things are at as of this moment.

This is not the Padre 0.92 release announcement, we're just letting you know that the next release of Padre, the Perl IDE is on its way.

Keep in mind that Padre 0.92 will be released as part of our run up to 1.0 with major refactorings and changes to the code base that may introduce bugs, but for the most part most of us use trunk to do Padre development so most bugs to get a chance to show up and get fixed.

Keep an eye out for the actual 0.92 release announcement and check out the new and cools enhancements when Padre lands on your CPAN mirror.

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Using Patch - unreal feature

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