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HOWTO: Youtube live streaming of a talk

NY Perlmongers meetup ( A new object system for the Perl 5 core. By Stevan Little ) came out pretty good.

We used Google Hangouts on air, which made it easy to live stream over youtube, plus came with pretty good screen sharing and support for multiple cameras. (We used one and the presenter's screenshare.)

We also did not have to:

  • upload an hour long video to youtube and t…

NY Perlmongers Streaming

Followup to the previous entry ,
Streaming youtube link is here

Streaming Tomorrow's NY Perl Mongers

SocialFlow is hosting tomorrow's NY Perl Mongers event, which starts at 6:30 Eastern ( NY time ).

Stevan Little will be speaking, the topic is:
"A new object system for the Perl 5 core"

We're going to make a best effort at streaming it live on youtube. We'll update the page with the youtube link once we're live, and I'll post it on as well.

Afterwards, the video should stay online at the same link.


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