HOWTO: Youtube live streaming of a talk

The video from last night's NY Perlmongers meetup ( A new object system for the Perl 5 core. By Stevan Little ) came out pretty good.

We used Google Hangouts on air, which made it easy to live stream over youtube, plus came with pretty good screen sharing and support for multiple cameras. (We used one and the presenter's screenshare.)

We also did not have to:

  • upload an hour long video to youtube and then wait for conversion afterwards. It's available immediately.
  • worry that the sound would be awful after the conversion, because it's the same sound from the broadcast.

Here's how we live streamed it:


  • Cameraperson + Microphone laptop
  • Presenter's laptop (for screen sharing)
  • A decent microphone. We used a Logitech Conference Cam.



  • Set up the microphone close enough to the presenter to intelligibly capture sound.
  • Google Hangouts on air >> Start a Hangout on Air
  • Click the 'Cameraman' app.
  • Flip all the defaults to yes. ( hide a/v as guests join, broadcast large video, new guests muted )
  • send the link from the address bar to your presenter, or invite them through the interface.
  • Once your presenter is in the hangout, they should click 'Screenshare' and share the window they want.
  • The presenter's mic should stay muted, to avoid having their crappy laptop mic interfere.
  • The cameraperson can now toggle between his video feed and the screenshare.
  • Click 'Embed' to get the youtube link.
  • Click 'Start Broadcast' to start streaming.

After the event, the streamed video will turn into a normal video, and you can edit the start and end times ( and whatever other youtube enhancements ) via the normal youtube enhancements controls.


Thank you very much for sharing this ! I think we'll try this out at the next technical meeting. It's always a pain to upload /convert videos... Well I've been told, as I'm always too lazy to do it :)

Thanks for handy instructions.

I wander what is the cause of rather low audio quality - is this Google Hangouts on air's fault, or Logitech Conference Cam's?

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