Resolving non-perl dependencies for perl modules in Debian/Ubuntu

One of the things developers often struggle with is dependency resolution.

For example:

cpanm WWW::Curl::Easy -v


Configuring WWW-Curl-4.15 ... Locating required external dependency bin:curl-config... missing.

Unresolvable missing external dependency.

Please install 'curl-config' seperately and try again.

NA: Unable to build distribution on this platform.

This used to set me on a wild google chase, nowadays I just go to:


Keyword: curl-config

Radio button: packages that contain files named like this, search

Bingo! There's three choices, 'libcurl4-openssl-dev' looks good for my purposes ( the others are other SSL implementations for curl )

apt-get install it, retry WWW::Curl::Easy, and it works this time.

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$ dh-make-perl --build --cpan WWW::Curl::Easy # should take care of this, no?

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