hosting a Perl hackathon!

At we decided to cook up a special surprise this cold February: we're hosting our first hackathon!

But since we like surprises, there is one more surprise. We will have a special guest: Stevan Little. Yes, that Stevan Little.

New Dancer 2 release: 0.11

Hi everyone!

A new version of Dancer 2 has just been uploaded to CPAN: 0.11.

Before we go over the changes we've had, I'd like to take a moment to welcome Russell Jenkins (veryrusty) as a member of the Dancer core dev team. Russell has done tremendous work on Dancer and provided patches, feedback, corrections, insight, and more. He's been a crucial member of the team for some time, and it's about time for him to join officially. Please welcome Russell!

Much has changed since the last release. There had been a lot of documentation fixes and improvements. Documentation i…

New Dancer 2 release: 0.08

(this is the email sent to the Dancer users mailing list, updating on recent releases)


we have just released a new version of Dancer 2: 0.08. While it didn't carry everything we had wanted (one specific change was left for 0.09), we decided it is more important not to delay features and fixes. We can also do another release next week, right?

New Dancer 2 release: 0.07

(this is the email sent to the Dancer users mailing list, updating on recent releases)

Hey everyone,

I would like to get back into the habit of letting everyone know what's going on with Dancer. This means keeping you up to date on releases and our plans for the future.

Interview with Pragmatic Perl in English

I was recently interviews to the Russian online Perl magazine Pragmatic Perl. It was a pleasure and truly an honor. The last issue just came out and the interview is appearing there in Russian. If you speak Russian, go ahead and read it here.

If, like me, you do not speak Russian, following is the uncensored version in English.