Philosophical notes on Dancer, the Perl 5 web framework

Even though I had to let go of web programming for a while now, Dancer is still my favorite framework. Bad attitudes do not exist in Dancer, we don't trash anyone and we're not just polite and respectful towards each other (and by "each other" I'm definitely including all developers _and_ users), but we're also very attentive to one another.

That is how we're able to continue with the project successfully even when one or two core developers are very busy (which happens at times) - as with me right now or Sukria in the past. We're still able to push in new features, serious fixes or even major overhauls when needed.

For example, Dancer has pushed new pure-regex syntax (deprecating the regex path wrapper function we had before) and even provide plugins (w00t! plugins!) and we'll be adding websockets support (omg omg omg *drool*) as well!

Sukria wrote a blog post to share with the Perl community his thoughts on a few issues in Dancer and the development process. If you're interested (and you should be), check it out here.

On a more personal tone, I should say that the culture of trashing each other is something I hoped I left behind at high school. I'm sorry to find some people still enjoy this disgusting habit. Especially utilizing it for marketing. That is, to trash on purpose on order to make your "product" shine.

I personally don't see any room for manipulative bullshit like that in what is supposed to be a community, where you're suppose to support one another.


I'm sorry, I can't agree.

I've dealing with Dancer, and it isn't easy to report a bug and get some attention (and depending on the bug, it's even harder to get a fix).

May be you're talking about other kind of attitudes, but you (Dancer developers) aren't perfect either.

While some people get off on rudeness and flame wars, my highest respect is for those who try to be kind. Thank you for trying to be civil.

Then why did sukria trash talk about Mojolicious over on

I was just reading your Dancer cookbook last night and found it very interesting, but had no idea about anything related to your community. A community of civility sounds very good. Unfortunately I have a short fuse, so I should probably stay away from your community, lest it become uncivil. =(

Ok, maybe that comment was from a long time ago, but just below you can see an update from just a few days ago, attacking Sebastian personally.

These passive aggressive tactics don't work, people still understand that you are secretly trying to attack the opposite faction, you just don't get your point across.

Either you attack for real, or you don't react at all, there is no middleground.

It was an attack, no smooth talking can change that.
In fact i've not even seen a single attack from the other side yet, right now you look like the bad guys, what am i missing?

@Sawyer X: I was only kidding about staying away. Sorry it didn't come across as such.

“We’re polite. We don’t talk trash. Unlike certain other people.” [Everyone knows who those certain others are.]

Am I really the only one who sees the irony here?

I'm not calling it trash talk.

I know who Sebastian Riedel is.

I'm talking about politeness. One cannot assert that one is polite. That is almost like asserting that one is humble. Whether you are is always up to the reader. At most, you can say that you try to be polite, or humble. (And then you still have to actually be it, in order for your claim to have any weight whatever.)

Also, writing about someone specific (or even just knowing that readers will interrpret your writing as being about someone specific) without mentioning that person’s name is passive-aggressive. Call a spade a spade. If you really want to be more general, then explicitly call the spade you’re not talking about the spade that you’re not talking about.

I can understand the level of irritation that you operate under when you’re in the cross hairs of someone like Sri.

Don’t let that make you lose your cool. Be honest. If you are angry, be honest still and don’t pretend otherwise. Justified anger, in justified measure, is justified.** And let the facts speak: link or paste.

** “To be mad at someone – that is easy. To be mad at the right person, for the right reason, at the right time and at the right degree – that is not easy.” —Aristotle (the acient one, not me)

Dancer developers don't use warketing.

The whole story is about that. It's pretty simple :)

Now, I have a *lot* of commit to push (Yay), don't expect any reaction from me about this story anymore.

It was about emptyness from the very begining, it doesn't deserve more attention. So let's WSC ;-)

All I have to say is I love Dancer, and I have found the devs to be quite responsive.

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