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TPF at OSCON London

Update: OSCON have supplied us with a discount code for unlimited free Pavillon Plus passes to members of Perl related organisations and the broader community. Just use the code: FREEORG. Use this code when registering for the Pavillion Plus pass and it will zero out the balance. You can register at: - thanks to OSCON and O'Reilly for providing this.

This year OSCON, Europe, will…

The 2016 P5P Hackathon

It is a pleasure to announce that this year the Perl5 Porters Hackathon (, held between the 11th to 14th November in Amsterdam, will be hosted by and officially supported by The Perl Foundation.

The P5P Hackathon is a seeding event for the essential work done inside the Perl core. It functions as a symposium where current, and future, Perl5 hackers can meet and cross-pollinate ideas that may develop into significant future evolution.

This year the Hackathon has…

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