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On prototyping in public ... the long version

I recently posted a quick update on the p5-mop project the other day, something I have been meaning to do for a long time. I am sure given the slow and often rocky progress of this project that many people have their doubts if will ever see the light of day, and to be quite honest, some days I found myself doubting it as well.

On prototyping in public ...

I really need to expand on this a little more, but for now this can serve as a status update on p5-mop.

mst: so, is -redux now "the last prototype" and p5-mop-XS "the current hopefully-not-just-a-prototype" ?
stevan: hehe
stevan: so here is the official line
stevan: p5-mop was the first (overly ambitious) prototype in which I ignored Perl and went my own way
stevan: Moe was my (somewhat child…

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