Programming the Raspberry Pi with Perl: eBook Released!

It's finally here! Our Programming the Raspberry Pi eBook has been released!

You can learn more about it and purchase it here on Leanpub.

As one person mentioned to me "Finally, a release from the shackles of Raspbian and Python!".

Timm and I want to thank all of the financial contributors who got this project off the ground!

Perl RaspberryPi eBook fundraiser, goal reached!

Well, thanks to the very generous donations by my kin Perl Hackers, the fundraiser for the Raspberry Pi eBook that Timm set up and I eventually jumped on board for has reached its initial fundraising goal!!

I'm very excited, and even before we hit the target, Timm and I had been in communication preparing for, and even commencing some of the book's aspects.

I would like to personally thank everyone for their support, and want to give Gabor a shout-out for monitoring the progress of the fundraiser, and making it prevalent in the Perl Weekly for those couple of weeks there. We noticed a significant spike in activity following the release of the newsletter. Thank you everyone!


Programming the Raspberry Pi with Perl; eBook fundraiser (Update)

Well, thanks to all the generous donations, we've reached 71% of our initial target at exactly half-way through the campaign!!

We have decided to set a stretch goal. If we surpass our minimum $2,500 USD and get up to $4,000 USD, we will be adding three new chapters.

Timm will add one on Infrared Remote Control, and another focusing on using MQTT: a machine-to-machine (M2M)/"Internet of Things" connectivity protocol.

I will add a chapter that will step-by-step explain how to read and understand the relevant portions of a datasheet for an Integrated Circuit (IC) or some form of sensor, how to communicate/manipulate and otherwise act on the device's registers in C, the process of converting the working C code into XS, and finally creating a new Perl distribution for the device.

Thank you for all of the support!


Programming the Raspberry Pi with Perl; eBook fundraiser

A few weeks back, it was pointed out to me that Timm Murray was proposing to write an eBook for using Perl on the Raspberry Pi. Due to my extensive work on that platform over the last two-plus years, I had keen interest in the project.

Timm will be writing the bulk of the content using various distributions including my RPi::WiringPi along with all its related distributions, and I will be adding at least one chapter to cover my indoor grow room single-webpage environment controller, as well as performing editing duties and testing of the code.

We've been working together for a couple of weeks now, and today, I'm proud to announce the official launching of the fundraiser for the new book.

Whether you're interested in working on the Raspberry Pi, or just want to donate to a good cause for other Perl hackers, please have a look.


Pi Day!

Yesterday, when I published and wrote a blog about my new RPi::StepperMotor distribution, I didn't even think that the very next day was Pi Day.

So, although nothing significant could be done in the meantime, I updated that dist with a cleanup() method which resets the GPIO pins at the end of your script, and published version 2.3623 of RPi::WiringPi, which is the top-level framework that allows you to safely pull in all of the other RPi:: distribution objects.

Changes include:

  • bumping GPSD::Parse prereq due to having added some convenience methods to it

  • Documentation fixes and updates (all broken links now work!)

  • incorporation of said RPi::StepperMotor distribution

Nothing major, but since most of my personal programming time the last two years has gone into Raspberry Pi work for Perl, thought I'd do at least something :)

byterock, this one's for you...