So I Guess I'm Back

Hi… remember me?

Been away a while, and now I have a whole heap of bug reports to get through. But you, dear reader, I'm giving the inside track. If there's a bug in one of my modules and you want me to prioritize it, comment below.

Also, how are you doing?

I'm good.


Book Report - December 2014

As you may be aware, I'm writing a book which will eventually become a free e-book. This is my third report on how I'm getting along.

Quick post-LPW roundup

I've just arrived back from the London Perl Workshop. Lots of very interesting stuff. A big thank you to the organizers! I especially liked:

  • Extending Syntax - Functional Programming meets Macros by LanX;
  • The Internet of Personification by Matt S Trout; and
  • Rewriting …
  • Book Report - October 2014

    This month has been quite a busy one for me, so I haven't had much chance to work on my (in-progress) book. However, I have had some time to start work on a short talk for London Perl Workshop 2014 which will cover some of the OO best practices followed in the book. (At the time of writing, I've not yet heard whether the talk has been accepted/scheduled.)

    Exporter::Tiny nearing 1.000000

    Yes, in my warped mathematics, 0.042 is nearly 1.000000.