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Increasing Perl’s Visibility, Redux

Quite a while ago, I blogged about how Perl projects should have websites to increase not only their visibility, but the visibility of Perl as a whole.

Perl has had the CPAN and awesome websites like MetaCPAN and its predecessor search.cpan.org for a long time, so unlike how things happen in other programming language ecosystems, many Perl projects have felt no need to start their own websites for documentation, package downloads, and community — all these things were already provided.

However, I do feel that this centralization keeps Perl content on the Internet very isolated and makes Perl less visible than other programming languages.

Feedback sought

I've been trying to update the docs for Type::Tiny and want feedback. Is there anything that's hard to understand, or needs explaining more?

In particular, it's Type::Tiny::Manual and the other pod pages in that namespace that I'm working on.

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