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Comparison of Class::Tiny and Object::Simple

I'm pleasure he is interested in Object::Simple even if the entry criticize Object::Simple.

Yes, you can create custom constructors, but that defeats the syntactic simplicity of Object::Simple.

No, No. Custom const…

Do you need "Fast Perl"? Look at "Static Perl" project at once.

Do you need "Fast Perl"? Look at "Static Perl" project at once.

Static Perl - Fast calculation, parallel process, GC, static typing, VM with perlish syntax without XS

Simplest class builder "Object::Simple" 3.17 released!

Simplest class builder "Object::Simple" 3.17 released! I rewrite document in this release. I describe the benefits at first.

Simplest class builder, Mojo::Base porting, fast and less memory

  • Simplest class builder. All you learn is only has function!
  • Mojo::Base porting. Do you like Mojolicious? If so, this is good choices!
  • Fast and less memory. Fast new and accessor method. Memory saving implementation.


Perl don't work well in "bash on ubuntu on windows"

I tried bash on ubuntu on windows in windows 10.

Perl have problems.

File::Find dosen't work

File::Find dosen't work. In bash on windows, hard link in directory count is "2" .

In this case File::Find assume the directory don't have sub directories.

        # File::Find::_find_dir
	if ($nlink == 2 && !$no_nlink) {
	    # This dir has no subdirectories.
	    for my $FN (@filenames) {
		if ($Is_VMS) {
		# Big hammer here - Compensate for VMS trailing . and .dir
		# No win situation until this is changed, but this
		# will handle the majority of the ca…

Portable GitHub system "GitPrep 2.3" is released - At last, "Issues system" is added. "Bug tracking" available!

Portable GitHub system "GitPrep 2.3" is released at 2016-08-06.

Finally, "issues" system is added. You can use "Bug tracking" on GitPrep.

And contain bug fixing, added features.

  • support issues system
  • support markdown table
  • support markdown foo_bar_baz

At first, Let's try