Perl don't work well in "bash on ubuntu on windows"

I tried bash on ubuntu on windows in windows 10.

Perl have problems.

File::Find dosen't work

File::Find dosen't work. In bash on windows, hard link in directory count is "2" .

In this case File::Find assume the directory don't have sub directories.

        # File::Find::_find_dir
	if ($nlink == 2 && !$no_nlink) {
	    # This dir has no subdirectories.
	    for my $FN (@filenames) {
		if ($Is_VMS) {
		# Big hammer here - Compensate for VMS trailing . and .dir
		# No win situation until this is changed, but this
		# will handle the majority of the ca…

Portable GitHub system "GitPrep 2.3" is released - At last, "Issues system" is added. "Bug tracking" available!

Portable GitHub system "GitPrep 2.3" is released at 2016-08-06.

Finally, "issues" system is added. You can use "Bug tracking" on GitPrep.

And contain bug fixing, added features.

  • support issues system
  • support markdown table
  • support markdown foo_bar_baz

At first, Let's try

Why do I like simple object system? Object::Simple story.

Do you like simple object system or lerge object system? I like simple object system.

In old days, I believed Perl would need complete object system, which has meta object protocol and class syntax.
Many perl programmers sought a good way to write object oriented programing.

A famouse lerge object system is Moose.
This module has many features, for example,
has, extends, with, is, isa, corce, dose, required, traits, builder, BUILD, DEMOLISH, etc.

A famouse simple object system is /var/www/users/yuki_kimoto/index.html

The way to get latest Perl information

Do you want to get latest Perl information? If you get newer Perl information, you can know the information faster than others.

I'm Yuki Kimoto. I'm Japanese Perl programmer. I have twitter account. Until now I only tweet newer perl information using Japanese. but from know I tweet using Both Japanese and English.

I tell you what I find, what I think it is good about Perl(perl core feature, web application, cpan module), and my perl product release such as GitPrep.

I'm sharing many topics from now. I add simple d…

I start creating static perl

I started creating static perl. This is static typed and perlish language.

static perl - static typed and perlish language

My main activity is GitPrep this year. I plan to add issue system and wiki system. But I'm hangry. I want to do more about Perl.

Python has pypy. This is a static implementation of Python. Perl don't have yet tools like pypy.

In this mont…