Would you like to get one user instead of the top of TIBOE?

Would you like to get one user instead of the top of TIBOE?

TIBOE provides rankings with a biased perspective.

A few leading engineers understand that TIBOE has no value

Many dishonest media continue to introduce TIBOE ranking.

Rather than getting the top of the biased ranking,

Wouldn't it be better to get one excellent and sincere engineer?

Marketing is not to mislead people.

Low quality marketing is done around the world, but there is no reason for Perl users to join it.

High quality marketing looks at the mind of a o…

I start to write SPVM Language Specification in English.

I start to write SPVM Language Specification in English.

SPVM 1.0 Language Specification

I write SPVM language for 3 years. Language Specification is completed by 95%.

It is time to write SPVM Language Specification in English.

Let's try to

cpanm SPVM

What is the value that Perl offers?

We are lost.

Temptation and desires will make us lost.

Where is Perl going after Raku begins to take a different path?

Raku provides new values.

Perl provides traditional and conservative values.

If you lead Perl to Raku, Perl will fail.

If you ask Raku for Perl, Raku will fail.

When we talk, we need to be aware of the difference between Raku and Perl.

We are lost.

Those who like traditional Perl have respected SUPER and bless.

Those who aim for Raku have thought that SUPER and bless are failu…

Data Marketing Plan by Perl modules

At first, see the following entry.

Data Science and Perl

Our company goes into many other companies and helps them build new Perl systems or fix old ones. Needless to say, we see how many companies work and a typical example is one of our clients I'll call "AlphaCorp." They use lots and lots of Perl. Their primary web site is almost entirely Perl. So when I went in to help them with their A/B testing (amongst other things), I was surprised that they also used a lot of Python. It turns o…

Why forward compatibility is important when trying to add a new grammar to Perl

There is a lot of discussion about adding a new grammar to Perl.

Most of the time, because the issues are not shared, my opinion is a minority in that place.

When you try to add a new grammar to Perl, it is goot to think why forward compatibility is important.

What is forward compatibility?

you've heard of the term backward compatibility, but many people don't yet hear the term forward compatibility.

Forward compatibility means that new features in Perl are compatible with older versions of Perl.

This means that forward-compatible features c…