The dream of "use 7;"

The dream of "use 7;".

    use 7;

Perl is now a under a curse that Perl never can't do major version up .

This is very bad in Perl future.

Perl and Perl6 is now different language, but For the naming of that, many outside people of Perl community think Perl6 is the version up of Perl.

Now, Perl and Perl6 is different language. If so, version number should be up independently. For exampe,

Perl 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, ...
Perl6 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, ...

The problem that Perl can't never do major v…

What prevent warnings pragma become default feature?

What prevent warnings pragma become default feature by use VERSION?

In Perl 5.12, strict pragma become default feature by use VERSION .

  use v5.12; # enable strict pragma

Now many source code examples in web is written by the following way.

  use v5.x;
  use warnings;

If warnings is enabled by use VERSION, it is useful.

Gazelle - High performance PSGI Server

Gazelle is high performance PSGI Server, which have compatible with Sterlet by Auther kazeburo.

Gazelle(slide share)

Feature is:

  • Plack Handler / PSGI Server
  • HTTP/1.0 Web Server
  • Preforking Architecture
  • Sutable for running appli…

I want Package BLOCK syntax return 1.

I want Package BLOCK syntax return 1.

package Point {
  # foo

I want This is interpreted as the following.

  package Point;

# foo


In current Perl, module need to return 1 at the end of script. But this is a little strange specification. If package BLOCK syntax return 1;, we don't need to write 1; at the end of module.

Is this difficult?

mop minus proposal

I'm creating mop-minus-proposal project on GitHub. Current experimental mop implementation need big core change. so I think writable object orientation support is needed without core change or with minimal core change.


The following is example. This is not only specification. This code work on Perl 5.20.1+. Important thing is that the following code don't use Perl source filter, such as ="…