Why forward compatibility is important when trying to add a new grammar to Perl

There is a lot of discussion about adding a new grammar to Perl.

Most of the time, because the issues are not shared, my opinion is a minority in that place.

When you try to add a new grammar to Perl, it is goot to think why forward compatibility is important.

What is forward compatibility?

you've heard of the term backward compatibility, but many people don't yet hear the term forward compatibility.

Forward compatibility means that new features in Perl are compatible with older versions of Perl.

This means that forward-compatible features c…

SPVM Example - sum even numbers with precompiling.

I released SPVM 0.0441 today.

Sum even numbers with precompiling

SPVM is Static Perl Virtual Machine. I write an example to sum even numbers with precompiling.

Using precompiling, the source code is output to C source code and it is compiled to machine code. This performance is same as C language in add operation! You are surprised.

use strict;
use warnings;

use FindBin;
use lib "$FindBin::Bin/lib";

use SPVM 'Even';…

I started to write "Perl Philosophy" lately

I started to write "Perl Philosophy" lately.

Perl Philosophy

This site is intended to convey Perl philosophy to Perl users.

It also allows Perl users to talk about Perl philosophy.

Perl has long been hurt by dirty words.

Let's tell the value of Perl to a new generation.

My thinking about Subroutine Signature in 2019.

My thinking about Subroutine Signature in 2019.

Rethink the syntax of @ and%

Subroutine signature syntax should be simple and small.

One blame for Perl is that Perl is complex.

The introduction of new symbols such as "@" and "%" complicate Perl.

At first glance, you will not know what you are doing.

sub func($foo, $bar, @) {
  # What is "@"?

sub func($foo, $bar, %) {
# What is "%"?

Allow only scalar variables and do not check the number of …

Perl Newbies Forum is started at 2019/09/27

I create Perl Newbies Forum using Slack.

This forum is private room. Let's send mail at the following form.

Perl Newbies Forum Registration

Perl Newbies Forum is run by Perl Newbies