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  • Posted Announcing App::Midgen v0.32 to bowtie

    So what’s new?

    • Follow the meta-2 phase-requirements naming.
    • The ablity to recast phase-requirements.

    Plus theres more

    • App::Midgen v0.30 which was a refactor to support Perl 5.8.x

    A Couple of other blogs that now make sense to…

  • Commented on Announcing App::Midgen v0.28
    Ron, thanks for the typo, done...
  • Posted Announcing App::Midgen v0.28 to bowtie

    So what’s new?

    • Now with support for prereqs->runtime->recommends Meta-CPAN-spec v2
    • Internal scanner update and why
      • New scanner UseModule, Module::Runtime support
      • Scanner Eval now s…
  • Posted Announcing App::Midgen v0.26 to bowtie

    So what’s new?

    • Added Two more output formats:
      • infile, output format, module v perl files they were Found in
      • metajson, output format META.json
    • Internal scanner update and why
    • Finish off conversion to Type::Tiny

    for the …

  • Commented on Announcing App::Midgen v0.24
    chorny hi, The main reason for supporting both is the lack of CPAN Reports for Perl::MinimumVersion::Fast at time of inclusion. Hence I wanted a way to enable any existing users to upgrade. But the concept of a Thorough v Fast...
  • Posted Announcing App::Midgen v0.24 to bowtie

    So what’s new?

    • Some extra speed taking advantage of some new developments in:
      • PPI::XS
      • Perl::MinimumVersion::Fast
    • Re-factor the Output formats to composed Roles
    • Start of conversion to Type::Tiny

    for the rest of the blog…

  • Posted Announcing App::Midgen v0.22 to bowtie

    So what’s new?

    • Switched output format type from build to mb
    • Extract more from t/ and xt/ directories
      • Find modules in Test::Requires blocks
      • Find modules in use_ok BEGIN blocks
  • Posted App::Midgen, update notice + some colour to bowtie

    switched output format type from cfile to cpanfile

    `midgen -f cpanfile'

    thanks for the kick Miyagawa++

    nb, if you have written an `.midgenrc' file suggest you either edit it or delete it and start again, opps.

  • Posted App::Midgen, now with cpanfile prereqs to bowtie

    More features

    1. cpanfile output format, prereqs (requires, recommends, on test, on develop)

      midgen -lf cfile

    2. Basic scanning of Dist-Zilla Plugins

    here is a sample, ="…

  • Commented on Encouraging bloggers to use the 'extended' feature
    how about the bleeding obvious, rename body -> abstract rename extended -> body make the new body the default tab regards...
  • Posted App::Midgen, Take two to bowtie

    First I would like to say a big Thank You for all the critiques I received, here and in the channels.


    Food for thought, if we update our Modules, don't we want our users to use the current version, so should we…

  • Commented on App::Midgen what is it?
    Hi Toby, I found answer to midgen did not find 'warnings::register', midgen was just treating it as a noisy child, it was me having not met this before who got confused. sorry...
  • Commented on App::Midgen what is it?
    Mithaldu, I was unaware that Perl::PrereqScanner was capable of producing output in a format that I could just copy in to a Makefile.PL using Module::Install::DSL format with current version numbers shown. Thanks for the heads-up....
  • Commented on App::Midgen what is it?
    Toby this is interesting, because when I run midgen against Path::Iterator::Rule I get which shows us some differences. 1, midgen did not find 'warnings::register' 2, p5u indicates :Exporter this is of great help to me, many thanks...
  • Posted App::Midgen what is it? to bowtie

    This is an aid to present a packages module requirements by scanning the package, then displaying in a familiar format with the current version number from CPAN.

    This started out as a way of generating the core for a Module::Install::DSL Makefile.PL, why DSL because it's nice and clean, so…

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  • Ether commented on Encouraging bloggers to use the 'extended' feature

    Idea #n: switch to a different blogging back end?

  • Neil Bowers commented on Encouraging bloggers to use the 'extended' feature

    Heh. Like you (Ether) and brian, and bowtie, I'm not particularly enamored of MT, but so far I've been lazy enough to stick with it.

    Is there a good perl-based static blogging engine?

  • Brian E. Lozier commented on Encouraging bloggers to use the 'extended' feature

    It sounds like your premise is that long posts on the main page are somehow bad. I like reading long posts inline without having to click each article and load a new page, what's the big deal? I recommend leaving it as it is.

  • ugexe commented on Encouraging bloggers to use the 'extended' feature

    @brian e lozier: For one thing its especially painful if you browse on anything other than a computer.

  • Neil Bowers commented on Encouraging bloggers to use the 'extended' feature

    If someone types "perl blog" into google, (BPO) is the top result. I think it would be a much better user experience if Joe Random Browser got a page of brief abstracts, rather than scads of code, config, data, etc.

    I follow BPO via a feed, but I still visit with a browser regularly, for example to comment, look at other comments, etc, and I think brief abstracts is a more user-friendly experience.

    As a bonus, if posts have an abstract, it's easier for readers to quickly decide whether they're going to read the article in full, or move on.

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