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  • Leon Timmermans commented on Day 6: Think globally, act localizably (File::umask, Locale::Tie, Unix::setuid)
    Thanks for your input. I'm not sure what you meant by "saved IDs".

    You may want to read Setuid Demystified first before writing any kind of setuid wrapper.

  • Miguel Prz commented on Long time no see

    Hoping for your speedy recovery. Fell better soon!

  • Dean commented on Long time no see

    All the best with your surgery. What an amazing time in the history of humanity to be having major surgery via small incisions that allow tiny tools to find their way throughout out bodies.

    As a fellow Australian who's toddler was recently in hospital, who's wife and kin work in our health system, and has also lived under and used the health systems of other countries - my experience is that the pros and cons of each are hard to compare.

  • Saif commented on Long time no see

    Good luck, buddy. Thank God, those clever surgeons and your positive mental state for getting so far, and praying that that final hurdle is overcome easily for you mate. Working in public health myself, I find that the difference between those that do well and those that struggle is as often the patients attitude to life as much as the disease process and surgical challenges. Best wishes.

  • Robert commented on Long time no see

    That is amazing so far! I pray it continues to be amazing and you recover completely.

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