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  • Todd Rinaldo commented on Perl7 is a fork of values

    By your logic, anything run by a BDFL would be abandoned.

    The "B" in "BDFL" stands for benevolent. Neither Sawyer, nor you Todd, exhibit this quality.

    Thanks! My comment was not about Perl's governance so much as most other open source projects. Some have a complex governance but the majority are managed by a select few. Isn't this the common case?

  • shadowcat_mdk commented on Perl7 is a fork of values

    Okay there is no +1 on this platform, but this is my +1

  • shadowcat_mdk commented on Perl7 is a fork of values

    it's usually the evolved state. Which is why structural criticism of form sees it as the parochial or abusive state.

    It might be so.

    However, assuming it to be the implied rather than the assumed (or default) is perhaps a misunderstanding.

    the internal sarcasm here is those who wish to rebuild, to evolve, object the changes to the original form. Those who have built and maintained, object to the adherence of a constant, or common, universal state.

    Honestly i think Gloucester would be looking sideways at flies, wanton boys and gods right now.

  • Dean commented on Perl7 is a fork of values

    This venue seems as good as any to voice your support for the current "governance model", or your ideas for how it could be remodeled to better serve those few people and businesses still loyal to Perl.

    So as a person who has toiled for a foundation that doesnt even extend membership too you, why not support opening TPF up to membership? Who in turn electing board members? Why not support a model that engages with the perl community and the few remaining businesses that rely on perl?

    In 2020 aren't there better models for enagement than saying "join this email list and read …

  • Yuki Kimoto commented on Perl7 is a fork of values

    I think the current Perl 7 plan is very heavy for the resources available to the Perl community.

    Perl 7 will succeed if many people welcome it and everyone supports it.

    However, I think the remaining users of Perl will remain because of the stability of that Perl.

    If, in reality, the move to Perl 7 doesn't work, I think it's an opportunity to reconsider adopting "use v7".

    I have a very similar thinking of Leon.

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