• Commented on Perl Weekly Challenge # 7: Niven Numbers and Word Ladders
    I love the word ladder problem, but the Perl 5 solution does not run on perl 5.24. Is there an alternative to using "scalar keys"? perl -v This is perl 5, version 24, subversion 1 (v5.24.1) built for MSWin32-x64-multi-thread if...
  • Commented on Found a bug in File::Finder
    I like Gus McCrae's comment on aging from the movie Lonesome Dove: "The older the violin the sweeter the music!"...
  • Commented on How to find CPAN modules that need help on Windows?
    I applaud the efforts to generate a generalized list of problematic modules for Windows. When I saw the title, my mind immediately raced to the *very* problematic module DBD::Informix. If for some reason this module does not make it on...
  • Commented on Beginning Perl - Sneak Peek
    Great piece of code! My only question is where is the entry point? The outer border is solid and unbroken so where do I begin my trek through the maze? Thanks....
  • Commented on Parrot 2.6.0 "Red-rumped" supported release.
    OT: Just a quick note for Geoff Broadwell (Sorry, Jeff, I don’t have your email address). I just read your excellent article FMTYEWTK About Mass Edits In Perl, and wanted to thank you for writing the article, and to alert...
  • Commented on Listing All Installed Programs in Windows XP
    I tried running your code on ActiveState Perl 5.8.9 on Windows Vista and got the following error message with "use diagnostics": Can't coerce array into hash at C:\tmp\ line 12 (#1) (F) You used an array where a hash was...
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  • Ovid commented on Beginning Perl - Sneak Peek

    Hi roho,

    The upper left corner is 0,0 and that's the entry point. You could probably pick the lower right corner as the exit point. I should consider making that more clear. The actual code in the book has a better explanation of how this works and I think it explains what's going on.

    Glad you like it!

  • chorny commented on How to find CPAN modules that need help on Windows?

    Manually edited list exists here: , but it is not maintained regularly. Automatic tool, but without distinction by OS was written by Adam and is available here: , but, AFAIK, also is not updated.

  • laurent_r commented on Perl Weekly Challenge # 7: Niven Numbers and Word Ladders

    Hi roho,

    Yeah, this works with the version of Perl I tested the script with (5.14). Still, I guess it was probably a bit silly on my part to use this syntactic construct just for counting the number of items in the array referenced to by $word{$key}, and this not the way I would normally do it.

    You can replace the offending code line with:

    if (scalar @{$words{$key}} == 0) {

    I suppose it should work with any version of Perl 5. Actually, this whole for loop isn't really needed in the algorithm, it is only intended to populate the "aloof" file (file of "aloof…

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