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  • About: I'm the Treasurer for The Perl Foundation and Team Leader for YAPC::NA. I have organized Perl events including 7 Pittsburgh Perl Workshops and two YAPC::NA's. In my day job, I'm the director of technical operations for I write code and I supervise a team of Perl developers.
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    Dear “Lets Code Perl” I’m writing to you on behalf of the Board of Directors of The Perl Foundation to let you know that your post has been noted. As has been previously announced, the Board is currently reviewing this...
  • Posted YAPC::NA 2016 Organizers to Dan Wright

    Anybody want to be an organizer for YAPC::NA? We're open to anybody that wants to help out. Really, our only rule is that you have to help out. We don't want to be organizing in front of spectators / peanut gallery. If you are willing to roll up your sleeves and do some work, we're happy to have…

  • Posted Just announced: PPW talk deadline extended! to Dan Wright

    Calling for all talks! The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop has already received some great talks - and we're looking for a few more! Having already confirmed that Larry Wall will be attending this year's workshop to discuss the release of Perl 6 - the organizers are looking to include two tracks of…

  • Posted Looking for YAPC::NA News? to Dan Wright

    It is very frustrating when there is a conference you want to attend and you can't get any information about it. It is even more frustrating when you are a conference organizer receiving complaints about no news despite all your efforts to keep people informed. Here is a guide to finding…

  • Posted Pittsburgh Perl Workshop 2014 Call for Talks to Dan Wright

    The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop Organizers are happy to announce our 7th annual event this November 7th through 9th in downtown Pittsburgh, PA. Our web site is now live and accepting registrations. We are also accepting talk submissions through September 26th:


  • Commented on How should conference speakers be compensated?
    Master classes are a great way to get a big name to your event. If you've got a speaker that can fill a room, then having that speaker at your event means a room full of people will also be...
  • Posted Want PPW in 2014? So do I. to Dan Wright

    It's time to make a decision about hosting the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop this year. We've been on the fence for quite a while. Like I said at the end of PPW last year, if the community wants it, I'll make it happen. I also made a brief call for feedback…

  • Posted Drinking the Data::Printer Kool-Aid to Dan Wright

    A long-time user of Data::Dumper, here. I have seen several talks about using Data::Printer in cases when you want the output to be readable by humans, not machines. I've always meant to eventually get around to checking it out. Today was that day.

    I had a huge data structure at …

  • Posted P5CMF Needs some love to Dan Wright

    The Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund was initially announce at YAPC::NA in 2011. Since then, it has been TPF's most successful grant program, awarding over $260,000 in grants for continued development and debugging of the…

  • Commented on Is Perl really short of newbies?
    The problem isn't with Perl having newbies. The problem is with Perl keeping newbies that graduate into novices. In this regard, the Perl community is its own worst enemy. I have been a lead organizer for 7 Perl conferences, and...
  • Posted PPW is just one week away. to Dan Wright

    The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop starts just 8 days from today. I've been sweating bullets for quite a while, but things are now falling into place. I'm even at the point where I've stopped worrying about the big things and can put some attention on the little bits of polish.


  • Posted PPW - October 4,5,6 to Dan Wright

    ppw-color.pngThe Pittsburgh…

  • Posted TPF Payments Delayed to Dan Wright

    If you requested a payment from the Perl Foundation recently, you may have noticed a little bit of lag in receiving your check. Or, a very few of you were even unfortunate enough to have received a check and then asked not to cash it. Here's what happened...

  • Posted Dan's updates for two weeks ending Sept 4, 2011 to Dan Wright

    Last week was a short week for me because I was doing a lot of work up at camp for the Scouts. So here's a two-week update:


    • I've been learning a lot about "Level 2" and "Level 3" credit card transactions.   It turns out that when you start handling corpor…
  • Posted Dan's updates for the week ending August 21, 2011 to Dan Wright
    Here are my updates for TPF, PPW, and Other
  • Posted Dan's updates for the week ending August 14th, 2011 to Dan Wright
    Here's a listing of what I've been working on in the past week for TPF, PPW, and other...
  • Posted Dan's updates for the week ending August 7th, 2011 to Dan Wright


    • Our 2010 tax return has been completed and is now available for review.  We reported a $43,000 lost, which was mostly due to Ian Hague grant payments.   Major grant recipients for…
  • Posted July 31st to Dan Wright


    • We need more sponsors. I've been working on a few leads, trying to make sure we can pay for everything.
    • Web site updates
    • Working on schedule template for the event.   There's a lot of debate over starting time.  Traditionally,…
  • Posted Status update. to Dan Wright

    Not sure how likely I am to actually succeed in giving regular updates, but I'm going to give it a go... Here is a synopsis of perlish things I’ve been working on in the past week.

    The Perl Foundation (Treasurer)

    • Trying to track down some old contractual …
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  • Grinnz commented on TPF: Perl deserves better. Please do better.

    You assume the involved parties are the referenced person and the people who were in the room at the time. In fact, this reflects on the Perl conferences and community as a whole to anyone who is made to feel unwelcome due to this incident, as well as separate followup incidents that occurred. Ignoring it because we are not "involved" is no different from agreement with such exclusionary ignorance. Fortunately, ignorance can be solved with education. As the post says: we can do better.

  • MannyBix commented on TPF: Perl deserves better. Please do better.

    It only reflects on the Perl community as a whole if uninvolved people such as yourself who have no standing in the situation continue to make a big stinking deal of it. This could easily have been addressed and resolved with a single, face-to-face conversation, but that doesn't do enough to call attention to wrongthink. Unfortunately, grievance-mongers like yourself will CONTINUE to beat your drum and blow this thing out of proportions. Because, of course, that's what you do.

    Everybody: ""
    You: "I'm offended on behalf of X!"
    X: "But I'm not offended."
    You: "It does…

  • Grinnz commented on TPF: Perl deserves better. Please do better.

    Have you considered that you are the one blowing things out of proportion here?

  • haj commented on TPF: Perl deserves better. Please do better.

    I haven't been to the Perl Conference and am only reading about that event through third party articles, some of which allegedly have been altered since their first publication. I don't think I'll ever find out what has happened there.

    The TPF, directly addressed by this article, has taken responsibility - see the comment by Dan Wright.

    Yet I can't fail noticing that up to today almost every mentioning of the event leads to people attacking each other.

    Could we please de-escalate? Different people are allowed to have different opinions, and might experience…

  • Dean commented on TPF: Perl deserves better. Please do better.

    This is the first really thoughtful "Open Letter" type of thing on "the incident" that I have seen.

    Certainly this person seems to be the only person in the Perl community who has actually read the SoC.

    It's probably a good lesson in not just clicking "I Accept" when presented with terms and conditions.

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