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  • Commented on Phishing Attempt on PAUSE Users
    Thanks Mark for the heads up, highly appreciated....
  • Commented on Installing Perl: A Chicken-and-Egg Problem
    Thanks for your posting, Tom. You're hitting the nail on the head. I think you saw a problem that was in 2.29, but has been fixed in 2.33. I also think, meanwhile 2.33 has had enough exposure, so that...
  • Commented on Trials and troubles with changing @INC
    Some rendering accident happened to the article. Instead of PERL_USE_UNSAFE_INC the rendering is more like PERLUSEUNSAFE_INC. I hope the same doesn't happen to my posting because then you will not understand what I mean. At least the Preview tells me...
  • Commented on Are Restricted/Locked Hashes A Failed Experiment?
    kid51: short example % perl -le ' use Getopt::Long; use Hash::Util qw(lock_keys); lock_keys %Opt, qw(mrg); GetOptions(\%Opt, "mrg=i") or die; if ($Opt{mgr}){ print "INT=$Opt{mrg}"; } ' Attempt to access disallowed key 'mgr' in a restricted hash at -e line 6. An...
  • Commented on Are Restricted/Locked Hashes A Failed Experiment?
    I use lock_keys frequently for locking the hash I use for Getop::Long. I haven't seen a better method to prevent code dealing with unsupported options. A very effective typo prevention....
  • Posted QA Hackathion in Rugby, Warwickshire, 2016 to Andreas König

    This year I discussed less and got more focussed on one thing, namely PAUSE, thanks to the kisses of the muse we got flooded with, that is Kenichi, Neil, Matt, Peter and me. Thanks to that, PAUSE is, I daresay, in a better shape than ever before and definitely on a good track towards the…

  • Commented on CPAN Testers & pre-requisite reporting
    Is this discussion probably just about limitations we have, as individuals and as a community? I see it that we have microcosmoses of people and modules and interactions between individual entities. Whenever some combination of those does not work we...
  • Commented on Perl::QA Hackathon in Lyon - Day 1
    Not "as sexy as his"? Which approach is his? I've talked to him also about it but I didn't keep a good record of how it would work. Could one of you (or both) try to sketch out the sexier...
  • Posted QA Hackathon 2014 in Lyon to Andreas König

    It was awesome. Thanks so much to all who made this possible: Laurent Boivin, Book, Wendy, all the sponsors ( :, Splio, Perl6, ELIGO, Grant Street Group, Dyn, EVOZON,…

  • Posted How does one currently get a count of downstream deps? to Andreas König

    I don't think this is documented anywhere, so let me blog about it before I forget it. Install the module CPANDB. See if it works by running one sample program, maybe:

      use CPANDB;
      use YAML::Syck;
      print Dump [CPANDB::Distribution->select
                 ("order by volatility desc li…
  • Posted Guess who has written 401 RT tickets in 2010 to Andreas König

    And what is most amazing about it? That 186 or 46% are either resolved

    If you have a login on you can issue ="…

  • Commented on The CPAN client version-less dependency problem
    Why not simply follow the lead of the guys who write 365 RT tickets per year? The recipe seems to me quite easy to follow: As an author you start out by writing down as many dependencies as you know...
  • Commented on Tracking Down Bug Reports
    Please don't! I'd greatly prefer people to use an idiom that's more compliant with what we have already in place. Important second level dependencies should be added to the prerequisites declaration right away. If they later turn out to be...
  • Posted So, you got mixed results from cpantesters? to Andreas König

    Every so often you may have found yourself puzzled by the results the cpantesters provided, wondering which reasons may stand behind the fails or passes.

    So you click on one of the FAIL reports and it doesn't reveal anything useful to you?

    Chances are that if the reports contain so…

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  • Konstantin Uvarin commented on Trials and troubles with changing @INC

    Maybe there should be a module to help testing w/o "." on older perls? Something along the lines of
    package noinc;
    @INC = grep { $_ ne '.' } @INC;

    And then

    PERL5OPT=-Mnoinc make test

  • Grinnz commented on Trials and troubles with changing @INC

    You can use for that:

    no lib '.';

    or PERL5OPT=-M-lib=.

  • Konstantin Uvarin commented on Trials and troubles with changing @INC

    Wow! So cool, never would have thought of it.

  • Buddy Burden commented on Trials and troubles with changing @INC

    Hey, Ryan. How's it going?

    Just tried to look at my failures, but I hit two problems:
    * The author page says I have two failing modules, but the module page only lists one with my name on it.
    * The link to the failure log gives me a 404.

    Thx for all your hard work!

  • Tom Wyant commented on Installing Perl: A Chicken-and-Egg Problem

    You are absolutely correct. I should have documented the versions involved when I did the work. But corelist says Perl 5.34.1 was released with CPAN version 2.28, and as of right now my Mini-CPAN contains CPAN version 2.29. It was the upgrade to 2.29 that caused my hiccup.

    Thank you very much for your work, and your dedication. CPAN is into its third decade under your capable stewardship (or at least that's how I read meta::cpan), and I look forward to CPAN 2.33.

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