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  • Ben Bullock commented on A tour on perl-5.18.1 with c2ast, Marpa-powered C parser

    This is a nice demonstration. But ...

    Nevertheless, these are all good practices

    Debatable. POSIX doesn't allow me to have a typedef benbullock_t or a function called strike_me_with_a_hammer () in my program since it may clash with the future POSIX something or other. These restrictions are just a little ridiculous, and whatever problems do actually occur could be fixed when they do actually occur, not by hogging gigantic spaces of identifiers.

  • Jean-Damien Durand commented on A tour on perl-5.18.1 with c2ast, Marpa-powered C parser

    Point 0 acked and header added.
    Thanks / JD.

  • john napiorkowski commented on A tour on perl-5.18.1 with c2ast, Marpa-powered C parser

    How is it debatable? My understanding is that its not impossible that some future compiler will not compile the source because of this. Is that true? If so than this work is valuable and we should at least have it on the list.

    I'm not a C/C++ programmer and don't know the pains here, but it seems with a tool like this one we can detect and solve them. Obviously the work is a pain in the ass to deal with but I guess that's the result of using an open standard like C

  • Flavio Poletti commented on Parse::RecDescent and number of elements read on the fly

    @Jeffrey too bad that posts in group discussions get deleted eventually. Did you copy your full considerations somewhere else?

  • Matt S Trout (mst) commented on Perl's Pegex Module: a great way to parse files by creating grammars

    Ron: If the article was insufficient for *me* to understand why you think PEG is "dangerous", I fail to see how it's going to help beginners at all.

    Jeffrey: Nah, I read it as a regex-like thing and got the right answer immediately - a *multiple* of two would obviously require "aa"A/"aa" or similar, no? I think perhaps it might be an interesting exercise for you to show a few more "intuition defying" examples to a few perl hackers some time and see whether it truly defies intuition in general or merely *an* intuition, and we have a different one.

    -- mst

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