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  • Posted Testing command line apps with App::Cmd to Jakob

    Ricardo Signes' App::Cmd has been praised a lot so I gave it a try for my recent command line app. In summary, the module is great although I missed some minor features and documentation (reminder to all: if you miss some feature in a CPAN…

  • Posted Another approach to XML processing to Jakob

    The buzz around XML has passed and we are left with a lot of Perl modules to process XML in different ways. I was surprised to still find a gap for another XML processing module.

    Common schema-less approaches to XML processing in Perl seem to use ="…

  • Commented on Real Time Web Apps
    Could you provide some example application that makes use of Perl? The resources seem to be mainly based on JavaScript, so I wonder how a Perl backend could look like. Maybe one should not use Perl at all? ;-)...
  • Commented on The beauty of CSV
    See Config::Any::CSV - you can use this module to read CSV with Config::Any and later switch to another format (JSON, YAML...) without having to change your code....
  • Commented on Pod to HTML
    I always wonder why Perl coder still stick to POD. It is limited and ugly at the latest when you have used Markdown syntax. Ok, POD is better than Javadoc but a pain to use for serious documenting....
  • Commented on Pumpkin Perl - Redux
    Ok, I just proved myself about the difficulty for non-native speakers. Is pumpkin somehow related to pumping, by the way?...
  • Commented on Pumpkin Perl - Redux
    Oh and I forgot to mention the most important aspect of connecting the name "Pumkin Perl" with Perl 5.14 or above: "use strict" is enabled by default....
  • Commented on Pumpkin Perl - Redux
    Just a question: does the rename mean to be retrospectively, including Perl 5.0 (1994), Perl 5.6 (2000) and other ancient versions, Perl is still associated with? I'd prefer to take the chance of branding to get rid of this connection...
  • Commented on Pumpkin Perl - Redux
    I like the idea a lot, but the name makes only sense to native speakers with a specific cultural and linguistic background. I wish you had chosen a name that was less awkward to spell and write. "pumkin perl" sounds...
  • Commented on Towards a Science of Psychohistory
    The interesting problems in science are located beyond hard science, and if you don't need any hard-to-read prose you have likely over-simplified the domain....
  • Commented on Your Personal CPAN In The Sky
    It's a pitty that Cory Watson has not given his YAPC::NA talk about deploying Perl web applications. As he wrote in the abstract there is "local::lib, cpanm, Dist::Zilla, carton, pinto and [...] I hate all of them". I bet one...
  • Commented on vworker for Perl?
    As far as I understand, the sites you mention are about paid work. I doubt that this works well in Open Source programming - but maybe wrong. In addition I think the perl community is not large enough and there...
  • Commented on The joy of PSGI middleware
    I'd say that Plack::Middleware::Apache2::ModSSL modifies the request or passes it unchanged (⇄,⇸) depending on what vars you configure it with. Many middlewares add or modify "secondary" parts of the request, for instance Plack::Middleware::SimpleLogger modifies psgix.logger. I'd say that the "core"...
  • Posted The joy of PSGI middleware to Jakob

    I must admit that I rarely feel comfortable with (web application) frameworks - each system facilitates a certain type of task but it complicates the missing parts. Good frameworks support extension via plugins, but each framework has its own plugin architecture to learn. That's why I like

  • Commented on Hi all i had tried to execute the following perl script to plot tha data but i am getting ocate object method add_chart via package Spreadsheet::WriteExcel error can u help this ...!!!
    Could someone please delete this and the previous blog entry (the latter is spam)?!...
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  • JT Smith commented on Real Time Web Apps

    @john napiorkowski: Sorry, but that's exactly what I don't want to do. I'm not looking to write an async app. I'm looking to hand off the async stuff to a separate service so that I don't need to write an async app. Sorry if I didn't make that clear in my post.

  • commented on Real Time Web Apps

    Hi JT,

    I'm the author of The nice thing about Firehose is that its a plain' ol' HTML PUT request to a URL, which is the same URL that all of the clients are listening to.

    Hit me up on Github or the Mailing list if you need help figuring it out, but it should be pretty simple (that's what I gun for).


  • JT Smith commented on Real Time Web Apps

    Welcome Brad. Yup, I already set up Firehose and got it working. Pretty simple really. However, I think I've decided not to use it, cuz I'd rather pay someone else to host it for me. I'm probably not the typical user, I'd much rather pay to outsource services that I didn't write. Less phone calls at 4am for me that way.

  • commented on Real Time Web Apps

    I'm taking, "Pretty simple really," as a compliment. Thanks!

    I've been thinking about launching a hosted version of for the very use case you mention. I know its too late to convince you to use (sunk costs!) but I'd love to know what provider and plan you ended up choosing if you don't mind me asking.

  • JT Smith commented on Real Time Web Apps

    You're not too late. Drop me an email: jt at plainblack dot com

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