• Posted Be the first to author a Perl HTTP/3, QUIC, or QPACK library to Dmitri

    This is a public service announcement.

    By now, everyone has heard that HTTP/3 is coming. Based on Google's QUIC protocol that began as an experiment circa 2012, IETF QUIC and HTTP/3 are likely to become standards this year.

    My emp…

  • Posted __END__ to Dmitri

    Browsing the puny (I miss Borders!) Technology section at the local Barnes & Noble today, I did not see a single Perl book. I was hoping that they sold out, but the manager confirmed my fears: they no longer carry Perl books in that store. The reason, he said, is that no Perl book has been…

  • Posted ...but which one is easier to learn? to Dmitri


  • Posted Twelve years ago, Perl 6 to Dmitri

    In Software Exorcism (published in 2003), there is a mention of Perl 6:

      The JVM is not the only virtual machine on the market. The Parrot virtual machine, for example, executes bytecode …
  • Posted ctags now supports Perl 6 to Dmitri

    We added support for Perl 6 to ctags. Give it a shot: grab a copy from GitHub.

  • Commented on Day 2: When uniq is not unique enough (App::nauniq)
    I took this as a bit of a challenge. I think standard Linux tools do the trick just fine: perl -ne 'print qq($. $_)' < input.txt | \ sort -k2 | \ uniq -f1 | \ sort -n | \...
  • Commented on Event::Lib
    That would be a wonderful undertaking, Vladimir! Would be a shame to let Event::Lib rot....
  • Commented on Logically And Yourself (&&=)
    Good catch! &= should be used instead....
  • Commented on Revitalizing the Perl Power Tools
    Would you be interested in a bare-bones, buggy, and old vi clone from 2000? I can't promise that I'll be willing to fix all the bugs....
  • Commented on Method Privacy in Perl
    Sure, it does not solve the non-private method classification and designation problem. It does, however, solve the private method problem. What one needs to observe is that if a method is so private that it cannot be called from any...
  • Commented on Method Privacy in Perl
    I don't think there is a problem to begin with. If this thing is so private, is it really a method? Just call it as a function and call it a day: sub _secret_sauce { my $self = shift; ...;...
  • Commented on
    I agree with BooK: I, too, see this behavior from metacpan fans. I don't think it's cool....
  • Commented on On Giving Back
    Gabor, you must have misinterpreted me somehow: I never said I expect to "get" anything or get paid for my CPAN modules outside of $job....
  • Commented on On Giving Back
    I agree: such investment would be well worth the money. I just doubt it will be made....
  • Commented on On Giving Back
    Salvador, I hear you about having no time! I am in the same boat, only recently have I found some time to clean up my RT queues a bit. (Of course, I only have 3 CPAN modules to your 100,...
  • Commented on I like you just the way you are.
    I have just re-read perl5100delta. I use // operator all the time; so I guess I was exaggerating a little. I was thinking about RT::Client::REST, which is now eight years old and should still run just fine using Perl 5.6.0....
  • Posted I like you just the way you are. to Dmitri

    Perl, I like you just the way you are. There's been some interesting features and fancy OO modules in the last ten years, but my code is still 5.6.0...

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  • Dean commented on Event::Lib
  • Toby Inkster commented on Event::Lib

    I'd suggest releasing 1.04 to CPAN straight away. As you're not the maintainer, it won't be officially indexed, so people won't be able to install it using:

    cpan Event::Lib

    Instead they'll need to install it like:

    cpan CRUX/Event-Lib-1.04.tar.gz

    Then, if you become maintainer later you can re-release as 1.05 and it will be indexed. Or if Tassilo von Parseval re-appears, he'll be able to pick up maintenance using your fixed version as a base for his next release.

  • xiojason commented on Revitalizing the Perl Power Tools

    This is very exciting to me! Yeeears ago, I was enamored with the idea of a Unix-y OS that booted into a Perl-based shell and that, beyond the kernel, used as few non-Perl moving pieces as would be practical. I imagined PPT being the foundation to build upon, but it was already seemingly abandoned and neglected even back then. Glad to see it's being picked back up!

  • jimmy.tty commented on Day 2: When uniq is not unique enough (App::nauniq)

    I think the easiest way to keep first occurrence of each line is one of:

    $ awk '!a[$0]++' input.txt


    $ perl -ne'$h{$_}++||print' input.txt

    To keep the last occurrence is enough use command tac in input.txt before awk or perl inline scripts.

  • perlancar commented on Day 2: When uniq is not unique enough (App::nauniq)
    $ perl -ne'$h{$_}++||print' input.txt

    Yup, that is what nauniq essentially does (plus some options).

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