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    It's my pleasure....
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    so much tks!...
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    As an DevOps, I use Puppet and Rex, and like automatic testing for my infrastructure. So when I saw serverspec, I thought: maybe I can do such things in Perl?

    I know there are already so many testing frameworks at CPAN. But I like the syntax used by ser…

  • Commented on Etsy's skyline port to perl
    so much thanks~~Those functions distribute in too many PODs(and the `->at()` examples in PDL::Slice just show howto get array but not one item), I just can't find the right thing quickly... This is my first PDL script, may you tell...
  • Posted Etsy's skyline port to perl to 饶琛琳

    First, skyline is an anomaly detection tool published by Etsy. It use numpy/scipy to implement 9 detection algorithms. You can find it at

    I have heard PDL for a long time, and then I thought: maybe I can re…

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