Rex meet Rspec~

As an DevOps, I use Puppet and Rex, and like automatic testing for my infrastructure. So when I saw serverspec, I thought: maybe I can do such things in Perl?

I know there are already so many testing frameworks at CPAN. But I like the syntax used by serverspec( yes, evoloved from Rspec!) so DIY begin~

Here is my work:Rex::Test::Spec.

We can use it as follow:

    use Rex::Test::Spec;
    describe "Nginx Test", sub {
        context run("nginx -t"), "nginx.conf testing", sub {
            like its('stdout'), qr/ok/;
        context file("~/.ssh/id_rsa"), sub {
            is its('ensure'), 'file';
            is its('mode'), '0600';
            like its('content'), qr/name\@email\.com/;
        context file("/data"), sub {
            is its('ensure'), 'directory';
            is its('owner'), 'www';
            is its('mounted_on'), '/dev/sdb1';
            isnt its('writable');
        context service("nginx"), sub {
            is its('ensure'), 'running';
        context pkg("nginx"), sub {
            is its('ensure'), 'present';
            is its('version'), '1.5.8';
        context cron, sub {
            like its('www'), 'logrotate';
        context gateway, sub {
            is it, '';
        context group('www'), sub {
            ok its('ensure');
        context iptables, sub {
        context port(80), sub {
            is its('bind'), '';
            is its('proto'), 'tcp';
            is its('command'), 'nginx';
        context process('nginx'), sub {
            like its('command'), qr(nginx -c /etc/nginx.conf);
            ok its('mem') > 1024;
        context routes, sub {
            is_deeply its(1), {
                destination => $dest,
                gateway => $gw,
                genmask => $genmask,
                flags => $flags,
                mss => $mss,
                irtt => $irtt,
                iface => $iface,
        context sysctl, sub {
            is its('vm.swapiness'), 1;
        context user('www'), sub {
            ok its('ensure');
            is its('home'), '/var/www/html';
            is its('shell'), '/sbin/nologin';
            is_deeply its('belong_to'), ['www', 'nogroup'];

I override the functions Test::More normally export. so I can pass the resource type name as the testing message to every test example belong to themself.

BTW, I wrote these at MBA, but Rex don't support Darwin==! And I have no LInux now... So, I only run one example, the run example. Happly for help, especially test on SSH interface.

Etsy's skyline port to perl

First, skyline is an anomaly detection tool published by Etsy. It use numpy/scipy to implement 9 detection algorithms. You can find it at

I have heard PDL for a long time, and then I thought: maybe I can re-implement those algorithms using PDL? This must be the best way to learn PDL!

Now, I got it done.

I should say that PDL is not so easy to write as numpy. For example: you must write '$p->i…

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