Etsy's skyline port to perl

First, skyline is an anomaly detection tool published by Etsy. It use numpy/scipy to implement 9 detection algorithms. You can find it at

I have heard PDL for a long time, and then I thought: maybe I can re-implement those algorithms using PDL? This must be the best way to learn PDL!

Now, I got it done.

I should say that PDL is not so easy to write as numpy. For example: you must write '$p->index($p->nelem - 1)' to just get the last one of an array! In numpy, the numpy object has methods almost totally like original object. But in PDL, we didn't get these easily can't write '$p->[-1]' or even '$p->index(-1)'!tks, I change this to '$p->at(-1)' now.

BTW, I didn't find any K-S test implement at CPAN(well, except Statisic::R),so I use S-W test instead. S-W test is better when the length of array is less than 5000. I think the check values in latest one hour should be less than this, yes?



and $p->at(-1)

Do you have an example data.json file?

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