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  • About: Perl and PostgreSQL passionate and advocate, Open Source human being since a while.
  • Posted Developer on Fire Interview to Luca Ferrari

    On October 22nd I was interviewed by Dave Rael for Developer On Fire podcast.

    It has been an interesting experience, and Dave has been a great host making me feel very comfortable d…

  • Commented on Atomic Updates with DBIx::Class
    Seems to me you have not "resolved" the lock problem, you have just postponed it to the database itself. If you are issuing two concurrent updates on the same row, the database will use a lock (or MVCC or alike)...
  • Commented on What's going on here?
    Just for the record: Perl6 catches the error. sub fmt { sprintf @_[0,1] } # Your printf-style directives specify 1 argument, but no argument was supplied sub fmt { sprintf $^a, $^b } # OK!...
  • Posted PGVersion: a class to manage PostgreSQL Version (strings) within a Perl 6 Program to Luca Ferrari

    As you probably already know, PostgreSQL has changed its versioning number scheme from a `major.major.minor` approach to a concise `major.minor` one. Both are simple enought to be evaluated with a regular expression, but I found myself wrinting the same logic over and over, so I decided to write…

  • Commented on PostgreSQL 11 Server Side Programming - Quick Start Guide
    Thanks Dean! I would like to say it has been a nice adventure, even if it could not be as simple as it sounds to write a whole book from scratch even if you know (or think to know) the...
  • Commented on PostgreSQL 11 Server Side Programming - Quick Start Guide
    @Dean thank you! I have to say it has been a nice task, while I admit it is not as simple as it may sound to write a whole book even if you know (or think to know) the subject....
  • Posted PostgreSQL 11 Server Side Programming - Quick Start Guide to Luca Ferrari

    Last week my book PostgreSQL 11 Server Side Programming Quick Start Guide was released.


  • Posted CPAN Pull Request: a little patch for January (and a lot more to learn!) to Luca Ferrari

    So I've done a very little (and to some extent very monkey-typing) patch for January.
    The story of my first fail is here, and a little summary of what has been merge…

  • Posted Reading about Perl to Luca Ferrari

    I like to read at least a computer book every 2-3 months, that makes around six books per year. This year was a very unluky one for me, due to family and personal wealth problems and surgeries. However I'm back on the rail of reading computers book again, and Perl is the predominant one this…

  • Commented on About one-liners
    Shell as glue for Perl...nice! I always thought Perl was the glue for all the other stuff. Besides, I agree, maybe living within my editor made me think the more about stand-alone scripts than one liners. Again, I see the...
  • Posted About one-liners to Luca Ferrari

    It's not that I don't see the utility for one-liners, it's just my own mindset that seems to prevent me to use them.
    On one hand, I often explain to other (non-Perl) developers how useful can be a one liner, but on the other hand I tend not to use them even when I could.

  • Commented on mop minus proposal
    While I appreciate the effort, I cannot understand why another OOP support when there already a lot, and with a very good implementation (Moose being probably the most adopted)....
  • Commented on What prevent warnings pragma become default feature?
    If retro compatibility is not an issue, I suspect that Perl developers would have already enabled warnings by default. On the same line of thoughts, why is not "my" a default for variables? Why not automatically using a predefined set...
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  • Steven Haryanto commented on About one-liners

    There's no reason you can have it both ways (at least in some respect).

    You can put your shell history in a git repository (true, this is not the same thing as putting a single script file).

    You can use an editor to edit command-line, e.g. C-x C-e.

    You can use something like M-x shell in Emacs, then later on save the whole session in a file (in a git repo) to document things, it even shows you the evolution of building up a working one-liner *with* the outputs.

    You can put your good one-liners in a script later (just chuck it in a file and prefix it with #!/bi…

  • ysth commented on What's going on here?

    While you are correct about how it works, conceptually the issue is simply that an array slice in scalar context produces the last element of the slice.

    That it actually produces a list and then the last element of the list is produced is an implementation detail.

  • ysth commented on What's going on here?

    This is a fine example of why prototypes should not be used on user-created subroutines; just memorizing what they are for the built-ins and expecting the syntactic effects they have is hard enough.

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