PostgreSQL 11 Server Side Programming - Quick Start Guide

Last week my book PostgreSQL 11 Server Side Programming Quick Start Guide was released.


The book is a Quick Start Guide, that means it goes straight to the point, in this case, programming on the server-side of PostgreSQL.

Why is this related to Perl?
Well, one very cool feature of PostgreSQL is the capability to execute functions, and therefore triggers and procedures, in pretty much any programming language available out there. And this of course, means Perl!
In fact, Perl is very well supported in PostgreSQL to the point that the DO statement does allow you to use PL/Perl code instead of the PL/pgSQL one.

The other language I show, as a "foreign" language, in this book, is Java. My idea was to show to the readers the differences between using a language like Perl and one that requires a full compile-deploy cycle.

Hope the book can be useful.


Congrats on getting your book published. No doubt a herculean effort.

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