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  • Maddingue commented on So, Kiev 2013

    If there are things like books or t-shirts to sell, a silent auction will do. A live auction is only interesting if there are truly exceptional things. But if you have none, no need to make up something artificial. As Matt noted, we no longer need the auction whether as funding source or as a community event.

    Also, I'm taking the opportunity of being currently unemployed to modernize the Act hosting and finally migrate to the PSGI port. So adding new features (like QR codes badges) should be easier and faster.

  • kid51 commented on So, Kiev 2013

    Go for it, Andrew!

    Now, if only we could find out where YAPC::NA::2013 will be held ... :-)

  • zby commented on So, Kiev 2013

    Invite speakers from outside of our Perl echo-chamber!

  • JJ Merelo commented on 6lang: The Naming Discussion Update

    Could be x-lang (eks-lang). Not so bad, not taken as far as I know.

  • Mohawk commented on Enter the Matrix ... with PDL


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