Does anybody know Matthias Nutt?

Once in a while, I search the web for Perl/Tk. I'm always happy to find some old jewels. This time, it was keen little rabbit ears, which is a simple ear training program for Linux and Windows. It has a Perl/Tk GUI and comes with good installation instructions.

You can find it here: Keen little rabbit ears.


I downloaded the script, got the dependencies (it relies on timidity to play MIDI files) and tried it out. Then I did some changes, like use FindBin to locate files relatively to the script in the file system, use File::Spec to build paths, and use File::Temp to create the temporary MIDI file for timidity in a proper place.

But, then I wanted to share the code with Matthias Nutt, the original author. He has a web site: But the feedback form is dead (have a look at the anti-spam picture).

So, does anybody know Matthias Nutt? Or: does anybody know how to handle this kind of code? Can I set up a git repo with the new code without risking expensive lawsuits?


I say go for it. I can't say that Matthias won't be mad, but I'd assert that expensive lawsuits are improbable (an inexpensive cease and desist is more likely, but I don't know where you are). If it was already open source, you probably already have the license. :)

Have you tried contacting him through other means. email or phone?

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