Komodo IDE is now Open Source

Hi all,

Komodo IDE is a very feature-rich Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Basically a sophisticated source-code editor. Notable features why I used Komodo IDE:
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code intelligence (autocomplete, code refactoring etc.)
  • Run and debug programs easily
  • Debug with breakepoints and inspect the variables and their values in the GUI
  • Integrates with version control

You can read more about Komodo IDE ="https://www.activestate.com/products/komod…

Where is Rob?

Does anybody know Rob Seegel (aka RCS), the author/maintainer of Tk::MListbox?

I tried to contact the author by e-mail but didn't get any feedback so far.
I would like to adopt the module Tk::MListbox (and the other packages).

New Design for PerlTk.de

In case you do speak German, or know how to use Google Translate, you can have a look at the new shiny Design of my page PerlTk.de.

I hope you like it. Here is something to look at:


Perl/Tk Spreadsheet Editor

This is as far as I could approximate a Perl/Tk UI to Microsoft Excel. No, I don't want to create a clone of Microsoft Excel. But I was interested in how much one could lift the style of the plain old Tk. And I like the look and feel of Excel, so it was kind of inspiration for me.


Unfortunately, there is no wa…

Where is Brent?

Does anybody know Brent B. Powers, the author of (amongst others) Tk::FileDialog and Tk::Waitbox?

I tried to contact the author my e-mail but every address I tried returned an error like undeliverable or unknown user etc.