Komodo IDE is now Open Source

Hi all,

Please note that Komodo IDE is now open source. Komodo IDE is a very feature-rich Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Basically a sophisticated source-code editor. Notable features why I used Komodo IDE:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code intelligence (autocomplete, code refactoring etc.)
  • Run and debug programs easily
  • Debug with breakepoints and inspect the variables and their values in the GUI
  • Integrates with version control

You can read more about Komodo IDE here.

The blog post announcing Komodo IDE going Open Source is here.

The blog post also contains an explanation why it is made open source. One of the reasons is that there is already a lot of free and good editors available, e.g. Visual Studio Code. Though, as I was using Komodo IDE for at least 7 years now, I still very much like it and it’s OOTB feature set.


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