YAPC::Europe 2013 in Kiev, week minus 39. Some ideas about the extended programme


Today I'd like to compile a list of events that would be nice to have in the extended programme of the conference. As you may know from our previous weekly newsletters there will be no auction in Kiev, at least there will be no live auction which became boring and unnecessary during the last few years (let's don't think about money we could raise there).

What other things can we find entertaining?

Perl Quiz. If you were lucky to attend the dinner at YAPC::Europe in Lisbon you may not only remember that there were plenty of food, dozens of types of meat, but also there was a quiz lead by Damian Conway. A few teams were answering different questions about Perl and its community. Some questions were very easy from the first look but were quite difficult to answer, which made the quiz very entertaining event.

Photo by cowfish

Perl Golf. We hosted the Perl Golf contest at YAPCs::Russia in 2008 and 2009 leading by Andrey Zavyalov. There were small tasks that should be solved during the days of the conference, and at the end we looked at different solutions, the shorter they were the more interesting to understand how they worked. Notably, the participants were able to make their code shorter using the say operator for printing the output. Here is one of the solutions using say:

($n,@s)=<>;for$b(1..$n){$n% $b||do{for$x(0..-$b-1+length$s[0])
for(0..$n/$b-1);$_=$c if$_<$c}}}}say

I encourage you to think of more nice ideas for the YAPC::Europe to make the conference more vibrant and entertaining.

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