Our small team really enjoys organizing the mostly-annual DC-Baltimore Perl Workshop, and we're working on it again for 2020 (NOTE: CFP IS OPEN!!! We get a lot out of it, both technically and socially.

One aspect of the joy comes embracing ALL sorts of technology, from Arduinos to rockets, from compilers to web apps. So with the recent update in the Perl-Family languages of Perl 6 → Raku ... we took this as a fun time to update our own name!

We shall be henceforth known as the ="…

Hiya peeps!

We're looking for more talk submissions for the DC-Baltimore Perl Workshop (April 6, 2019, Silver Spring, MD)! Submit by Jan 31 (OR SOONER) at and learn more at

The DC-Baltimore Perl Workshop is a 1-day, 2-track conference (Saturday, April 6). The attendees are Perl Programmers and enthusiasts, interested in the latest technology and techniques -- Beginner, Advanced, Bizarre... all of the things!

Example talk topics:

  • How regexes work
  • Debugging techniques
  • Art & Code
  • Unicode!
  • Perl5! Perl6! (Perl...4?)
  • Agile project planning
  • Porting Perl to my Roomba
  • GraphQL ... how does THAT work?!
  • Dockerize / Kubernetesifying Things

You are welcome to submit more than one talk. We will accept submissions until January 31. That will then give us time to share the schedule with attendees!

If your talk is accepted and confirmed by you, we will send you a special invitation link to free registration as a speaker.

Email further questions to, and learn more at our website,

2019 DC-Baltimore Perl Workshop!

Greetings all!

After a brief break (and local hosting of The Perl Conference 2017), we are again hosting the DC-Baltimore Perl Workshop in Silver Spring, Maryland on Saturday April 6, 2019! The day will be dedicated to two tracks of Perl-related technology talks, targeting all levels of programming experience.

Our Call For Presenters is open! Find some info on our site, or jump directly to the ="…

The Perl Conference 2017 in DC - Schedule Posted

Check out our super-cool schedule, which links to talk and speaker details, at!

The conference is a few weeks away (June 19-21 for the core conference, 18th and 22-23 for tutorials), so be sure to register and we'll see you soon!

The Perl Conference 2017 in DC

Everyone at TPF and the local DC-Baltimore Perlmonger groups are super-excited about the upcoming conference in June! We've posted almost all of the talk descriptions and are working on the full schedule.

Register now!

The core conference itself is Mon-Wed, and we're hosting some paid-tutorials on the days before and after. The outline:

Sunday 6/18 - Pre-Conference Tutorials

Perl in a Day (John Anderson)