DC-Baltimore Perl Workshop 2013 -- Next Week!

The 2nd Annual DC-Baltimore Perl Workshop is almost upon us! In case you haven't heard about it, we'll be having the Workshop in Baltimore this Saturday April 20, and have extra trainings on Sunday April 21.

We have room for more attendees -- even day-of registration is ok, in case you wake up Saturday morning and think to yourself "hey! I could be hanging out with awesome perl nerds right now! WHAT AM I THINKING?! Also where did I leave my hat?"


We have a great schedule of talks this year. There will be two talks at a time -- one targeting general perl developer interests, and the other focused on training/tutorial material. Talk topics include Code Coverage, Unicode, Elastic Search, and even some Scala. [Note: We actually have a small gap in my schedule for tutorials -- if there is something you want to give a 50-minute tutorial on let me know! We have some fallbacks that I'll get in place soon otherwise].


On Sunday we have a room, electricity, wifi, and like-minded people interested in all sorts of projects. You don't have to attend the workshop to attend project-time -- just add your interests to the Hackathon Wiki Page.

Infinity Interactive Training

Infinity Interactive is providing some additional trainings (separate from the main conference) on Sunday, April 21. In the morning is the ever popular Intro to Moose, brought to you by some of the core creators and maintainers. In the afternoon is Web Development 101, which will you bring you up to date on the latest and greatest Best Practices in web development. These are offered for the low low price of $25 each, and you don't have to attend the Saturday workshop.

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