I'm looking for issues of The Perl Journal

If you have some hard-copy issues of The Perl Journal (Jon Orwant's magazine), I'd like to trade you something for them, whether that's money or something else. I'd especially like to take a complete set off someone's hands. Send me some email if you have some you want to get rid of.


Argh, now I regret selling those old magazines (some TPJ issues included) to the "Karung Goni" man some years ago.

I have the PDF for 2002 November, to April 2004 issues.

I may have copies in some boxes I packed up for moving. I will probably get access to them within the next few weeks.

Some years ago I won an eBay auction for an entire set of The Perl Journal so in theory I have them all (I've never really checked to make sure they are all there).

I'll drop you an e-mail.

Brian - are you still looking?

If you're interested, I found this post while researching the history of the PJ, prior to ebaying Vol01/Iss01 through Vol03/Iss04 - let me know if you would prefer them to me listing them.

BTW: They are in mint condition (just now took them out of the envelopes!)

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