My Programming-Related Todo List

Dave Rolsky posted his Programming-Related Todo List, and here's mine:

  • Make a proper programming-related to-do list
  • Write that new CPAN client I was talking about
  • I've been indexing BackPAN just fine, but I have to figure out a way to make all of the data available to people in a sane way. The plain text uncompressed data for about 140,000 distros is several gigabytes. I have half of a web service written, and even have to host it. I just need the tuits.
  • Get my CPAN stats and trending project going again. It used to be part of The Perl Review, but I just need to set up the cron jobs again and maybe use some prettier charting tools.

There are some modules that I want to write, or fool someone else into writing:

  • Something to give a Perl interface to Mac OS X's mdls, to both get and set attributes, especially file labels.
  • A URL shortener Perl module for, but also with the ability to retrieve the stats into a hash.
  • A time duration module that has nothing to do with clocks or calendars. It's the sort of thing that iTunes does with the sum of durations for all audio files. I'd like to collect and partition times with no rollovers. I can't see how to do this with any of the Time-related modules already on CPAN. They are overly concerned with the clocks. Are maybe I'm missing something
  • A blog aggregator proxy that can recognize the same content showing up in different feeds and filter out the duplicates. Maybe I need a better client, but I mostly like NetNewsWire otherwise.
  • A blogging engine that is more insane than anything Jon Rockway would make. I'm calling it Annoyed Porpoise.
  • Learn a lot more about foreign function interfaces in Perl so I can hook up some C libraries to Perl. I'm particularly curious about doing that with wireshark right now.

There's a lot more writing I want to do (although wanting is not having):

  • Start some mild reorganization and reduction of the perl pods. A lot of stuff has accumulated, so a fresh start on some of it might be good. And, with 150 files in pod/, isn't it time for subdirectories?
  • I'm writing a post a week for The Effective Perler, and I think I might do that again for 2011.
  • Update Learning Perl for Unicode throughout and Perl 5.14
  • Update Intermediate Perl for Perl 5.14, new module best (or good enough) practives, and some (just some) Moose (which Randal has already done, really, with his translation of the Animal chapters to Moose for Linux Magazine).
  • Update Mastering Perl as an eBook, for Devel::NYTProf, new regex hotness, and many other things.
  • Update Learning Perl Student Workbook for a new Learning Perl.
  • A secret project that chromatic and I might do.
  • Some iOS apps (native or otherwise) to put Perl docs, etc, in the lightweight and easily updatable way.
  • Many cool things for The Perl Review.

For conferences, I want to visit lots of new groups. That might mean I skip some of the usual suspects. So far I'm looking at YAPC::Riga and YAPC::Asia. I hear rumors of a YAPC::India too. I'll have to see about South America. For part of this, I need to find new, undiscovered groups of people who deserve a White Camel Award.


When you say "new Learning Perl" does that mean one that isn't out yet or the current one?

I go to the Effective Perl site almost every day. I like that one a lot and thank you for contributing to it.

Hi brian

What's your preferred method of providing a plug-in structure for code you release?

Feel free to tell me Dave Rolsky's solution too!


Hi brian

Damn - forget to mention. I use roles with Moose, but I'm curious about what you'd recommend in a non-Moose context.

Hi brian

No, no reference to plug-ins here by you. I just thought you might have a preference, or even some experience with a module on CPAN which you'd recommend to avoid. I.e. I was fishing for any tit-bits you care to share...

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