A Perl interface for sharktools

Sinan Ünür created a first pass at a Perl interface to sharktools so you can have all the fun of Wireshark right in your Perl program. Why should Java and Python have all of the fun while analyzing network traffic?

I'm paying him to do it because I need it for a project and he's much better than I am at that sort of thing. However, I bet a lot of other Perl people would find it useful, so we're making it open source. Sinan already set up the github repository, and eventually that will make its way to CPAN as Net::Sharktools under the Artistic License.

If you're interested in helping with the project, don't be shy. As with most projects, we can always use help with testing or documentation. I know some of you out there have Wireshark expertise. It doesn't bundle the rawshark stuff (so far). Anyone want to make an Alien distribution for that other stuff?

Sinan's a bit shy, but I'm not. If anyone else finds this useful enough to keep Sinan working on it, you can get in touch with him to throw some money at him so he can spend time time on it. If you haven't been paying attention to the work, he's also the guy who saved Crypt::SSLeay, the module that lets you do all that fancy HTTPS stuff without even realizing it.

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